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    • Rosie  »  Jordan Kurecki

      Jordan, please forgive me for contacting you privately but trust me this is legitimate... Many years ago, maybe 30.. a man and his wife came to the church I was a member of and were headed to mission fields. God did not call him into the ministry. He volunteered, the Lord used him and his wife in many foreign countries before his decease... You have been on my mind as I see your burden for the Lost and the Lord.. 
      Just a thought
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    • HappyChristian

      Would appreciate prayer. I'm quite ill. I think it's a bug - fever, dizziness, chills, stomach ick. I want to be well just in case the newlyweds pop over to our church this Sunday.
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    • Jim_Alaska  »  Alan

      Bro. Alan,
      I deleted your second post on your poll. It looked like a double post so I deleted it. Hope it doesn't mess up your poll.
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    • gracelife  »  Salyan

      I just wanted to let you know that I am a member of and attend GraceLife Church here in Edmonton. It is a Reformed Baptist Church. I hope that is ok.GraceLife Church of Edmonton
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    • JordanHaskins

      I Timothy 3 states that one of the qualifications of a, "bishop," is to be," the husband of one wife." In 2016, does that relate sole to the pastor of a local church or does that apply to those on the pastoral staff such as, "youth pastors/ directors?"
      Second question I would have, as Baptists , what does the Bible have to say on the process of finding a wife. What would you say to a marriage minded young man who believes he's called to ministry on this topic of finding a wife. I also would ask because, as someone who is a first generation Christian, this is not something I have really been able to gain solid Biblical counsel on, so few are willing to touch it as its controversial, dating/ courtship, etc.If you were a youth pastor, college/ singles ministry director working with someone who didn't exactly come up in the Christian school/ Bible college/ Baptist church to pursue what I have heard preached many times as, "the second greatest blessing after salvation?"
      I ask this because, in the evangelical world, such as boundless.org (Focus on the Family) and other sites, men are being shamed for not dating, etc extended adulthood, I believe Cary Schmidt wrote a book on this topic of extended adolescence. And with the trends of co-habitating, homosexual "marriage," fornication, divorce, single parenthood on the rise, etc. Census showed a while back that singles are now a majority of this country, how can we as the church, not only defend the institution of marriage, the family, and the home for those who already have it, but help young people who desire those things to get ready for those thing and provide them opportunities to meet, mingle, and serve and serve others with one another?
      Not trying to cause controversy, but these are things that, as a young man having a burden to work with young people, how could I be a help to them in this area, and also some practical principles in godly communication, etc. that would benefit my own life as well. I appreciate all the wisdom I've found on this site, that's why I've been asking these complex questions like I have. Thank you brothers and sisters.
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