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Best Android Bible App?

Best Android Bible App?
Name: Pilgrim
Add a little more detail (optional): Anyone have any thoughts on the best Android App that has a search function?


Mysword is the one I use.

Easy to use, strongs reference available, good search.

I use Bible KJV published by Liberty University Online. So far I have zero complaints about it. You are able to search words or phrases, and then also certain sections of the Bible if you have an idea of where something is, just not exactly.

I like simplicity so I use Quick Bible. It is simple yet functional. I have not had any problems with the search function as I've always found what I was looking for. Here is a link.


I have been using MySword as well on my Samsung Phone and on my Tablet.  Very functional but I may also try the Quick Bible just to see what it is.  I wish the MySword was as integrated as ESword or Sword Searcher.  I use both for different purposes.

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