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Can you recommend a kjv study bible?

Can you recommend a kjv study bible?
Name: Howard Johnson
Add a little more detail (optional): Can you recommend a good kjv study Bible?


Personally, I wouldn't recommend a study bible. Just a KJV. Study bibles have commentaries by man, who have their own interpretations of verses, maybe own agendas. You need to study Bible on your own. Buy a separate little notebook just for Bible study. Take notes during services and write down every verse the pastor quotes or references. This is what I do. Then I go back with all his references and double check the verses and applications with the message of his service. Some pastors pluck and choose verses that have nothing to do with what they're preaching.

Some Bibles have lines on sides of pages for taking notes which would be very handy.

I semi-agree with Proverbs 31 30, but study Bibles can be valuable, particularly for helping put things in historical context as long as you understand that the notes shouldn't be taken as unquestionable authority and you shouldn't hesitate to double check them. That being said, I've found the KJV Study Bible (that's the actual title) put out by Thomas Nelson to be a pretty good one. The authors/editors of the notes and reference material are all Baptist with a couple of the IFB variety.

I recommend, if you REALLY want a study bible - Buy or download free off the internet a copy of the 1560 Geneva Bible, (not the 1599), and compare the text of the KJV and it, and see what the bible really says and means. Did you know that a multitude of KJV New Testaments and whole Bibles were printed for years with the notes from the Geneva Bible? I preach and teach from it every service, and find it very honoring to God, and very 'Baptist' in the wording of the text, which is VERY different than the KJV, and NOT just another version, but IS more Baptist than the KJV.


Just sayin'.

Do not waste your money on the Geneva bible , and it's best not to listen to those whom promote it , keep to what you have ask A KJ study bible.


just sayin' don't be lead astray  

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