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Church of Christ

Church of Christ

Name: Mawmaw
Add a little more detail (optional): What exactly is their belief and what is difference in IFB?


Apr 10 2013 03:30 PM

The main difference is the Church of Christ teaches that water baptism is necessary for salvation while IFB sides with the bible and teaches that it's only an ordinance of the church done in memory of Christ's sacrifice. CoC also teach you must endure to the end also in order to be saved.

Church of Christ also believes that you must be a member of the Church of Christ in order to be saved and does not allow musical instruments in worship services.  You can find a good summary of their beliefs at:


http://www.gotquesti...-of-Christ.html (I don't agree with all of the conclusions this site comes to on many issues, but they generally have the initial facts right)


You can also view the official denominational doctrine here:



The differences between CoC and IFB are really too many to list in single post, but a major portion of them point to a faith-based salvation (IFB) versus a works-based salvation (CoC).

To echo the above comments, Church of Christ teaches that baptism is required for salvation (contrary to scripture) and that it is possible to lose your salvation (again, contrary to scripture). There are still groups of them out there that believe if you do not belong to a CoC then you will not go to heaven. But not all believe that. I spent the first 21 years of my life as a member of a CoC, and it wasn't until I actually started reading my King James Bible that I saw the heresies being taught.

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