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Name: Geena Malachi
Add a little more detail (optional): Hello my name is Geena and i'm 17. I am graduating this year and i'm trying to find a good christian IFB believing college.I was wondering if you had any suggestions and advice for my coming year while trying to find and prepare for college. Thank you so much for your time :D


I always recommend Pensecola Christian College (pcci.edu) if you want an accredited institution. I know a lot of good pastors and lay-Christians alike that have come through Bob Jones University, but I understand they're also slipping a little bit on some things (though I don't recall what)


If accreditation isn't on your priority list, then I also recommend Maranatha Baptist Bible College (mbbc.edu), West Coast Bible College (wcbc.edu), or Ambassador Baptist College (ambassadors.edu). 


A lot depends on what kind of degree you want to pursue and for what purpose.

It depends upon what are your goals, what you desire to achieve and where you believe the Lord is leading you in life, ministry or...? It would also greatly depend upon what style of IFB church you already attend. You may face culture shock by going to a college that may not practice the same kind of standards, or preaching emphasis. I think you should talk to your parents first of all, and then ask them for permission to seek counsel from your pastor. They (your parents) or he (your pastor) may have some choices that would give them peace.


God bless,


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