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How are we to understand and use Christian liberty in our lives

How are we to understand and use Christian liberty in our lives
Name: Barb
Add a little more detail (optional): Some leaders are using Christian liberty a lot in their preaching almost too much and saying fundamentalism has in the past been too harsh which may be true to some extent but I still wonder where they are coming from.


You need to be more specific for me. There's always going to be people who don't like standards. Standards of dressing or living. Some want complete liberty to do whatever they want as Christians without any responsibility. There's nothing that you HAVE to do once your saved. But God saved us for a reason, and he will work in peoples heart to want them to be more like Jesus everyday. Some will fight it, they're still saved. Most people make changes in their lives.

Our liberty makes us free to have a relationship with Christ and to live for Him. Scripture is clear not to use our liberties as an occasion for the flesh but to serve one another in love.

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