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Hurt feelings

Hurt feelings
Name: Lori
Add a little more detail (optional): I'm a member of a very small IFB church in my 40's. Most of us members are 30's to 50's. Recently, 3 couples (including pastor and wife) who I thought I was close to went out for dinner for one of their birthday. I'm not married. I wasn't invited and my feelings are very hurt. Would I be out of line to ask why I wasn't included?


Ma'am, I think you answered your own question.  It wasn't likely personal, just couples night.  Recently my daughter introduced one of her friends to her best friend.  When my daughter called the other day to make plans to go shopping or some girly thing her friend was cagey.  Talking to her best friend she learned that they planned to spend an afternoon together.  It's ok for your friends to be friends with each other without us all around all the time.


I love fellowshipping with my brothers in Christ.  There are maybe a dozen or so fellas, we all have kids around the same age, our wives are all friends too but it's expecting too much for us all to get together at once and have one on one time with each other that night.  Even 3 or 4 couples and its tough to have meaningful discussions, at least for us.  We seem to have a lot more fun when it's 2 or 3 couples or 2-5 guys.  Know what I mean?


Try not to read into it and fall into sin, let it go, let the Lord have it.  


Why don't you come and join the forum?  It would be a pleasure to have you.

I'm 46 single and things like that happen to me. So many times I'm used to it. I think its a single thing. You could ask to be invited in the future. Or you could put together the next little outing and invite them. They would see you as part of the group probably invite you on their next outing. One thing is for sure, pray pray pray, God could have spared you from a boring night.

I think swath hit in the head - with you being single, mayhap they were just having a couples' night. 


And I agree with MountainChristian.  Put together an outing of your own.  Include them, or maybe invite other singles in your church.  Don't exclude people to get even, because that would big-time backfire.  Maybe you could put together a different group each month and just enjoy fellowshipping with your fellow members.

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