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Must one be KJVO to be considered an IFB on this site?

Must one be KJVO to be considered an IFB on this site?

Name: Arbo
Add a little more detail (optional): When faced with the question if I was an IFB when registering on this site, I answered that I did not know. Though I have found nothing disagreeable in the doctrinal statement, with the exception of some reservations pertaining to the KJV's exclusivity, I did not want to answer yes to the question without knowing what the standard is here.



We believe that God preserved His Word for the English speaking people in the King James Bible.  It is perfect and without error.  ALL modern translations come from the corrupt Westcott and Hort, the Alexandrian Manuscripts and the mythical Septuagint.  They may contain the Word of God but they are not the Word of God.

Dear Arbo,


Here is a great link someone shared with me on the subject as I was having a hard time believing the KJ was the only preserved translation.  It is a free download.  "Serious Omissions in the NIV."  Just read the first 2 pages and you will be blown away.  I shared this with a few people and they were appalled at the errors they've been reading for so long.  Taking out or putting in one little word can make a world of difference in the meaning of a scripture.



Not all of us believe that completely though. 

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