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Peace be with you from a Catholic!

Peace be with you from a Catholic!
Name: Ramsey Mcgowan
Add a little more detail (optional): To my Baptist brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ: I just want to thank you for your devotion to Christ. Though the Catholic Church disagrees with the Baptist Church on many doctrinal issues, we nonetheless share the same mission and the same love for Jesus. Peace be with you all!


Sadly, I'm not your brother sir.  We do not believe in the same Christ nor have the same mission.  Our beliefs are Bible based, yours on the machinations of sinful, broken men.

I have learned that it does not matter what church a person attends, or what doctrine is taught there. If a person has Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, as their Lord and Savior, then he or she IS saved. And since Jesus' sacrifice is perfect, there is more needed to be saved. That is why Jesus died in the first place, after all! Anyway, when you add something to that, such as having to be Catholic, or having to visit confessional, or eating communion to Jesus’ death as a requirement to be saved, you are saying that Jesus' death was not perfect, and therefore not enough. And in doing so, you are not trusting in Jesus as Lord and Savior, and therefore are probably not saved.

                A person who is saved can remember a point in their life where he or she knew that they were going to go to hell and called out to God to save them. Once that is done, a person is always saved and needs to do nothing else. Jesus’ salvation is perfect and therefore lasts forever. Think over this.

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