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What are good Christian Fiction books to read?

What are good Christian Fiction books to read?

Name: Teachdeaf
Add a little more detail (optional): I am interested in reading good Christian fiction from different categories such as the endtimes and prophecy, biblical and romance. Please advise. Thanks!


I can't help much because I haven't read much Christian fiction, but I can highly recommend Pilgrim's Progress. :)

Regarding end times, a lot of people read Tim LaHaye's fiction about that, but I wouldn't recommend it because of some issues like the pope getting raptured (uh...). Maybe there's something similar.

Romance, well a lot of people read Janette Oke, and though I never have, the one concern I have with that is setting little girls up with unrealistic expectations of what things are really like. But they're supposed to be pretty wholesome, otherwise.


It's not fiction, but it reads like a novel -- the story of "Greasy the Robber" is a fantastic read, and quite an amazing story.

The Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye is good reading, but remember its fiction, not Bible.

I know several will frown upon the recommendation, but I doubt very seriously that any one is going to hell over Tim Lahaye┬┤s books. They are just fiction based upon end times themes, not commentaries.


God bless,


"This Present Darkness" and "Piercing the Darkness" are really good.  I have read both of them 2 or 3 times.  In fact they changed my Christian walk.  They are written by Frank Peretti.  If you want a good teaching/learning book read David Jeremiah's "Slaying the Giants in Your Life."  That one will open your eyes. 

George MacDonald wrote some good fiction books such as "The Minister's Restoration" "The Laird's Inheritance" etc...


He was a Presbyterian, and rather "liberal" in some of his Theology, but that doesn't leak into his simple romances etc...


Also, C.S. Lewis' "Space Trilogy" is a little heady and allegorical, but excellent reading as well.


This is if you would be interested in reading dead Limey's. ;) 

Yi! I do not recommend C. S. Lewis at all - especially the space trilogy. He's doctrinally unsound and frankly, that trilogy is weird. Pilgrim's Progress is good, as is The Holy War, also by John Bunyan. 


Romance is really not a great thing for us women to be reading. It does set up unrealistic expectations, and most of the 'christian' stuff I've read over the years isn't much different from the worldly stuff. I was told once that romance novels are for girls what porn is for guys. :(   Try to find some other stuff, instead! Check out the Lamplighters publishing house; they produce good, wholesome books that were formerly out of print.

Any book that tells the reader that God requires him to tithe his money to the church. Definite fiction

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