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What are your views on the beliefs of the Seventh Day Adventists?

What are your views on the beliefs of the Seventh Day Adventists?
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The 7th Day Aventist church teachings are based primarily upon those of one Ellen G. White, who was, and is, accepted as a prophet of God. The major doctrines of Adventism, keeping the Sabbath, the law being at the center of New testament grace, the investigative judgment of Jesus Christ, veganism, the Devil being exiled to a empty earth for the thousand years, and others, are to be found nowhere is scripture, but only in White's writings.

  During her life, Ellen White made numerous prophecies, none of which came to pass. By thsi, we see she is a false prophet. By her adding to the Bible her own ideas, we see she was a false teacher, a wolf in sheep's clothing. By her own admission that she never stopped eating meats and animal products, despite her 'prophetic' words that it was wrong, shows she was a hypocrite against even her own teachings.


Because of these things, briefly spoken, 7th Day Adventism is a false religion and should be avoided.

Mar 25 2013 03:38 PM

Hi, the Seventh Day Adventist's believe in a faith/works salvation. Therefore, by preaching this heretical gospel they are endangering themselves of being Anathema Maranatha.


Included in this false gospel is an obsession with keeping the Jewish Sabbath to the point that some SDV pastors preach that those who worship on Sunday are receiving the mark of the beast while they worship.


The Seventh Day Adventist also tend to spend more time trying to proselytize from other denominations (particularly Baptist) instead of seeking their own converts from unbelievers. Interestingly, many modern day cult leaders at one time had been a pastor within a Seventh Day Adventist church. Ellen G White was an influential founding member of the sect.


Seventh Day Adventist also reject the verbal inspiration of the scriptures for a more liberal form on inspiration. This, of course, is so the leaders of the sect can conveniently receive "revelations" from God when needed so they can always keep one step ahead of any member who may question their interpretation of scripture and continue to subject them in bondage. Seventh Day Adventism also teaches that it is the "one true church" which is usually an earmark of a cult.


I'm sure there may be actual born again believers within the Seventh Day Adventist sect but without a doubt they have "fallen from grace", as Paul warned the Galatians, and have brought themselves under bondage of the law of Moses and the commandments of men.

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