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What Bible was used before KJV was written?

What Bible was used before KJV was written?

Name: Laura
Add a little more detail (optional): I read the doctrine which states that the KJV is the only correct version and was wondering what Christians relied on before KJV?


Roughly 50 years before the KJV came out, the Geneva Bible was printed was the most popular among Protestants and particularly in the New World. It actually took quite a while for the KJV to supplant it as the preferred version. Before that there were several English translations and the ridiculously bad Latin Vulgate of the Catholic church held primacy for most of church history. For a good breakdown and timeline of Bible translations you can go to the website below. It's largely unbiased.



When comparing the two, the 1611 KJV and the 1560 edition of the Geneva Bible, the results will be minor in some places, and major in others, especially when the Godhood of Jesus and the 'Baptism' issue are looked at. More peoples eyes were opened in the first 50 years under the 1560GB than the KJV because of the desire to read God's word at that time. The people were 'blown away' at the facts in it. The kingdom of God/heaven were exponentially increased drastically with the words of the Geneva, and the 'preaching' in the notes.

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