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What is the difference between Southern Baptist and Independent Baptist?

What is the difference between Southern Baptist and Independent Baptist?
Name: Sidney
Add a little more detail (optional): I kinda like an Independent Baptist guy but am wondering about his beliefs


Southern Baptist is a denomination. Independent Baptists are... independent. We don't answer to a church hierarchy, but each congregation under the pastor is accountable directly to the Lord. 

Since the churches are independent, no two are the same! Generally, you will probably find IFB churches to be more conservative than many and highly focused on evangelism.  However, they will run the gamut from very conservative to neo-evangelical to almost cultish, Calvinistic to staunchly non-Calvinist, contemporary music to traditional - you name it. If you want to know your guy's beliefs, check out his church's statement of faith - and ask him! :-)

Hi Sidney,


   Have you asked him about his beliefs?  What is your religious background?  Generally speaking, with Independent Baptists the bible is their sole authority for faith and practice.  The ones closer to following the Bible use the King James bible only and reject the corrupt modern versions.  Their members earnestly study the scriptures and put the doctrines into practice that we're to live by.  Many baptists won't date a person for dating's sake, a man will court a woman with an eye towards marriage.  If Christ is your Savior, take it to the Lord in prayer and He will direct thy paths in His time, not yours.

Hello Sideny

Happy New Year to brother sister,

I used to membership SBC for 24 years. when God call me to be evangelist 22 years ago.  in pass 4 years ago God call me again it is time for me find deaf church in  Middletown CT. So I look compared between SBC and IFB. Teaching or doctrine basic are same doctrine.  Some SBC church prefer on KJV Bible now I am pastor and founder church in Middletown CT. (Middletown Baptist Chapel of the Deaf) under IFB


Most deaf people do not understand KJV Bible so they use differance bible ,(NIV, NLT, ESV, deaf bible,and easy language bible most of them feel comfort but I still teach KJV Bible. I have over 30 bibles at home. 


Just Remember  SBC supplies,books they are very good to deaf peoples needs. 

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