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What, would you say is the biggest issue with Fundamental Baptist Churches today?

What, would you say is the biggest issue with Fundamental Baptist Churches today?
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The collapse of the doctrine of separation.
Too many committees! God calls a man to be the leader of the church but in some Baptists churches, he has no authority. The committees even tell the Deacons what to do. I do know of some that actually allow the Pastor to lead with the support of the Deacons. But that is not the norm.
People are too focused on "Who is doing what, when, and why" they have stopped focusing on God. It is not just Baptists. It is spreading throughout the churches. I think this is what God refers to in the Bible about the "Great Falling Away" in the last days. If people whatever the denomination would realize they are Christians first who attend a particular church, and follow the 2 greatest commandments: "Love the Lord your God...." and "Love your neighbor as yourself" then we would get back to basics. Too many warm a pew on Sunday mornings and have yet to read a word in their Bible or spend time in prayer. But plan a covered dish and they are all over that. But it isn't just Baptists. Its happening in all denominations. I once heard a Deacon tell our pastor that the Church Constitution and Bylaws, and Doctrine were more important than God. He told him that is what makes a church successful. I pray for him. He is lost. He is no longer a Deacon and shouldn't have been. Remember this passage of Scripture, follow it, and make it part of you and your walk will change. 2 Peter 1:3-11. God bless.
Pastor worship. Pastors are too often put on a pedestal, and its a high place to fall from!

A "big" issue is usually the results of "smaller" issues. Some things I've observed down through the years are:

1.  Lack of fellowship among the believers

2.  Young Christains not being taught the basic doctrines of the Bible to help them get established in the Christain faith.

3.  Lack of teachers who can/or know how to teach

4.  1,2 and 3 are usually based on the lack of men who know and/or accept the responsibilities of a Pastor.

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