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Central Baptist Church of Southington

About Central Baptist Church:
Located in the heart of beautiful New England, Central Baptist Church is recognized both locally and nationally as a thriving ministry. New England once led our country in religious matters, but through the years it has been lost due to compromise and change so that it has become a mission field in need of the gospel. Central Baptist Church has become a leader in re-establishing our godly heritage through evangelism and church planting.

Upon visiting, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how this exciting, caring ministry is thriving. Central Baptist Church is a great place to grow and serve the Lord. Please call or visit to see firsthand how God is blessing our church.
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Church Name: Central Baptist Church
Address: 1505 West Street Southington CT 06489
Phone Number: 860 621-6701
Affliation: Independent, Fundamental, King James Only
Member Size: 500-1,000 Members

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