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Bible Way Baptist Church of South Bend

About Bible Way Baptist Church:
Bible Way Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental, autonomous local body of baptized believers, forming a New Testament Church; dedicated to the propagation of the Gospel message that all men, everywhere, need to be saved by faith in Jesus Christ. We believe this is to be done by the preaching and teaching of the Word of God as it is set forth in the best available English Bible translation, the King James Version. We believe the Gospel is also to be given out personally, individually, by spoken testimony of the saving power and grace of our Lord, as well as by means of printed material such as tracts, and by other forms of media such as this web site. We believe in the Biblically-mandated support of missionaries as a means to give the Gospel to those beyond our borders.

We further believe that the purpose of the church is also to build up believers in the Christian faith. This is also to be accomplished by preaching and teaching the Word of God, as well as by making available printed and other media materials that are doctrinally sound and Bible-centered. From time to time we also have special meetings, with guest preacher and teachers of like faith and practice to augment and expand the outreach of the Gospel message in our local community.
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Church Name: Bible Way Baptist Church
Address: 50775 U.S. 933 N. South Bend IN
Phone Number: 2696350025
Affliation: Independent, Fundamental, King James Only
Member Size: 1-100 Members

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