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First Baptist Church Of Kewanna of Kewanna

About First Baptist Church of Kewanna:
First Baptist Church of Kewanna is an independent fundamental Baptist church located in Kewanna Indiana. We are a local New Testament church not affiliated with any group, organization, governing body, or denomination.

We practice and preach according to the Bible and believe in following the old paths (Jeremiah 6:16). There is nothing contemporary or "seeker sensitive" about our faith or our services.

We are a congregation with a heart for winning lost souls, building up strong Christians, carrying out the great commission, and the bus ministry. We are a friendly church and welcoming and accepting of visitors no matter where you happen to be on your Christian walk. We hope you will come by and visit!
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Church Name: First Baptist Church of Kewanna
Address: 414 E Main Kewanna IN, 46939
Phone Number: 574-653-2925
Affliation: Independent, Fundamental, King James Only
Member Size: 1-100 Members

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