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Cornerstone Baptist Church of Rock Hill

About Cornerstone Baptist Church:
A Bible believing, Friendly Compassionate, soulwinning, Baptist Church
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Church Name: Cornerstone Baptist Church
Address: 1054 John ST Rock Hill SC 29732
Phone Number: 803-366-4996
Affliation: Independent, Fundamental, King James Only
Member Size: 1-100 Members

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Please pray for my wife, Teresa Chong. She was diagnose with pancreatic cancer a week ago. Doctor can't operate because it had spread to her liver. Now our only hope is the Lord. Only He can cure her. Please together with our prayer I believe the Lord will hear and heal her. She only 38 years old. Please pray for her recovery. Thank you. And also pray for financial situation. Her medical expenses will be high and we have much money. Thank you.
Hey you all! Sorry for the silence. We have been incredibly busy preparing for the Ethiopian team to arrive. Now they are here and we are overwhelmed with the blessing of the Lord. Hopefully we will get a decent email out soon with clips of God’s faithfulness. Besides that joy is the great joy of knowing you have joined the team and will soon be here. Wow! Unbelievable that we will get to see you once again. Praying as you prepare and as the Lord brings in the support you need – both prayer and financial. Love R and N

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