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  2. The beauty of creation

    If you sit in the center of the vehicle (motorcycle), do you drive in the center of the road.
  3. Saved in 3 tenses?

    Came across this, was a little confused. Can you guys explain this to me? Thanks! https://billmounce.com/monday-with-mounce/are-you-saved-or-are-you-being-saved”-1-cor-15-2 http://www.simplybible.com/f066.htm
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  5. The beauty of creation

    So as not to sidetrack this thread: http://www.onlinebaptist.com/home/topic/27002-my-pics-thread-and-right-or-left-side/
  6. Now at a place called Madura. My son and I left home 15 hours ago, have driven near to 1300kms, and still have about 200 more to get out of our state. Western Australia is a big place. Sunset from Cocklebiddy.
  7. The beauty of creation

    No I'm not. We drive on the right side of the road which is the left side, not the wrong side which is the right side. We do this so that we can sit on the right side of the car which is of course the right side, instead of the left side of the car which would obviously be the wrong side........ I might start a thread for this......
  8. Is A Mohawk Sin?

    That's a rather nice example of affirming the consequent there, sly one. .. too bad that happens to be a formal fallacy.
  9. Is A Mohawk Sin?

    Ahh no, God defines right and wrong and the whole world is in rebellion to God. Living a separated life is to live a God-honoring life, it is when Christians stray from holiness and righteousness that the Christian is then in rebellion to God and His Word. Welcome to the forum btw.
  10. A simple request

    Well, all I can say in light of that is... Whoever the contractors were (that built our house), they were seeking eternal job security. LOLOLOL...LOL!
  11. A simple request

    Remember that newer water heaters have electric ignitors instead of pilot lights. It draws very little and can be on an existing circuit. As to the sweated connections, it probably has to do with reducing call backs plus maybe a little job security.
  12. New Forum Area?

    The self-taught also find and learn things in their time of self-taughtedness. You and I are probably building the basis for a brand new dictionary. That's one reason I've tended to hesitate on posting videos is because I'm self taught but I've had people learn something here and there in spite of that --- soooo.
  13. The beauty of creation

    You're on the wrong side of the road...
  14. A simple request

    Yep...have to work tomorrow. Lowe's opens at 6:00 or 6:30 am. I'll get there early, buy it, and hopefully get it installed before I have to go in tomorrow afternoon (other things to do too). My only worry is that the plumber (who piped the original water heater) hard-piped it. From the specifications that I've read online, that shouldn't be a problem other than having to cut the pipes and installing a coupling. We'll see how it goes. Thanks to all who may have prayed. Side note: if you're a plumbing contractor, please don't hard-pipe to a water heater.
  15. New Forum Area?

    Just voted. Sorry OFP; I meant to vote before now, but with all that's going on...it slipped my feeble mind. I would like to read (my vote). Since I've only had one music lesson in my life (when I was 14 years old), and I'm self-taught, and since I can't really read music because I'm self-teachifying myself in that area too, and since my self-teachification of reading music only applies to a Recorder...I wouldn't be much of a question answerer. However, a forum for such does indeed stir my interest.
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  17. The beauty of creation

    300 km east of Perth
  18. New Forum Area?

    I'll take that as a vote for the second option: "Sure, sounds like something I would read." Actually, everyone's knowledge is limited (but I understand what you're saying). So, maybe you'd post a question there if one develops.
  19. A simple request

    Okay, the decision has been made. Due to financial restraints, I'm going to Lowe's tomorrow to buy a water heater and install it...if I'm not called in to work... I will hopefully know today whether I'll have to work tomorrow and what the hours will be if I do have to work.
  20. God gives us the answer to our problems But who believes?? ◄ 2 Chronicles 7:14 ► God says==if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive and heal their land. Massive Earthquakes and Hurricanes. Prophecy Film Exposed Scientific Evidence that Proves Prophetic Fulfillment is Unfolding! Recently weve seen a huge increase in massive hurricanes, fires, solar activity and earthquakes, and yet, the #1 prophecy film of 2017 predicted that all of this would happen and more! This wasnt based on vague assumption either, but rather from the result of collected scientific data that proves a natural trend is occurring that complies with the fulfillment of biblical prophecy thats so convincing, even skeptics are starting to believe. See why The Coming Convergence is the worlds final wakeup call. http://www.thecomingconvergence.com/...onvergence.cfm
  21. New Forum Area?

    I would be interested in reading, but not posting as my musical knowledge is limited..
  22. A simple request

    Modern gas boilers over here don't have pilot lights, they light electronically when the water or heating comes on. We legally have to have condenser boilers on new istallations. They use much less gas.
  23. A simple request

    Our heating, water and space heating is from piped natural gas. They sell it by KWH, the meters register cubic metres and the convert it via calorific value and by some mathematical mumbo jumbo to kilowatt hours, Back in the old days of coal gas the meter read it in cubic feet and that was what it was sold in. We knew what it meant then.
  24. Is A Mohawk Sin?

    Most people say that a Christian family must not copy the world, but live separately from it.. Then they say mohawk is sign of rebellion.. and if you sum up... Living separately from the world equals to being a rebel, so having a mohawk when being christian is totally fine!
  25. A simple request

    May be, not up on the gas / plumbing end of things. I just send current through things so it can make your water exciting. As I told a customer after fixing his Jacuzzi, "If you get a tingle or your hair stands up while using this thing, give me a call 'cause it ain't quite right yet."
  26. A simple request

    Thank you OFP. I need to talk with my plumber some more. Our current water heater uses natural gas. The tankless that he spoke of uses propane, so part of the deal is to also install a small propane tank (200-250 gallons). He said it would use about 100 gallons a year. Does that sound about right? I also need to check on the price of propane...
  27. A simple request

    They're wonderful if you get a heater large enough to meet your needs. Since your current unit is gas, get a gas tankless. Local supply (at the sink) electric units require a separate 110v circuit for each one. Most of the whole house units I installed required 70A/240V. Some were 100A or 125A/ 240V. That could end up with a new sub panel and even possibly a service replacement. I LOVE them but recommend them for new construction only, I don't believe it's worth the money as a remodel item (talking about the electric units, not the gas ones).
  28. A simple request

    In February, we had to get a new heating and air system. Thousands of dollars unexpected. In July, we had to get a new roof. Thousands of dollars unexpected, but not surprising. Yesterday, our hot water heater went out. It's gas, and a small water leak is the culprit which causes the pilot light to go out. We are debating on replacing the water heater or getting a tankless water heater. Due to a current "special" offered by a local propane company, the tankless will be only a couple of hundred dollars more than a traditional water heater. From my limited knowledge, tankless water heaters are great. Can anyone shed any light on this...tankless vs. traditional? Also, please pray...this is another unexpected expense that has come at a bad time. I guess 20 years is pretty good for how long this one lasted though...
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