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Shepherding the Flock Ministries Bookstore

Shepherding the Flock Ministries Bookstore


Books written or compiled by Pastor Scott Markle. Exalting the Name of Jesus Christ and the Truth of God's Word through the Power of the Holy Spirit unto the Glory of the Father. It is my prayer that our Lord might graciously use all of my book publications, blogging material, and Bible ministry to direct the attention of those who read and hear unto the wisdom and counsel of HIs Holy Word. Furthermore, it is my prayer that such might be "good to the use of edifying," that it may minister God's grace unto others (Ephesians 4:29), and thereby that such might promote Biblical revival in our lives, homes, and churches. Finally, it is my prayer that in all things such might be found unto the glory of the Lord my God and Savior. Books presently include:

1. God's Wisdom for Marriage & The Home (446 pg.)
2. The Spirit of Revival: A Contrite and Humble Spirit (200 pg.)
<a href="http://www.onlinebaptist.com/home/links/goto/299-shepherding-the-flock-ministries-bookstore/">Shepherding the Flock Ministries Bookstore</a>
[url="http://www.onlinebaptist.com/home/links/goto/299-shepherding-the-flock-ministries-bookstore/"]Shepherding the Flock Ministries Bookstore[/url]
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