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  1. CUBA bans non-KJV Bibles

    I have not heard about this. If true, it kinda seems strange.
  2. Last one to post in this thread wins

    I got this.
  3. New Old Guy On The Block

    Welcome Zuno.
  4. Last one to post in this thread wins

    He arose a Victor from the dark domain, And He lives forever with His saints to reign. He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!
  5. When Did Jesus Die

    While I personally believe it was on a Wednesday based up my Bible studies, the important aspect of all of this is NOT the day that he died, but the fact that He is NOT dead and rose again. That's the amazing part of this story.
  6. Password Problems

    Okay, well, glad that is working for you.
  7. Password Problems

    Looking into this now.
  8. Is anyone an NBA fan?

    Boston Celtics fan here. I usually make it up the the Garden a couple times a year.
  9. New Member

    Hello and welcome.
  10. Last one to post in this thread wins

    Not true. I will be the winner.
  11. Last one to post in this thread wins

    Happy Sunday
  12. Hello from Sylvania Georgia

    Welcome Anna.
  13. Last one to post in this thread wins

    Winner.....winner.....chicken dinner.
  14. Welcome @Tonya88. Are you viewing backsliding and losing salvation as the same?