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  1. Need Help with Another Thread

    Looks like this was already taking care of. Thank you.
  2. Urgent, work needed

    I will be uplifting you in prayer.
  3. Last one to post in this thread wins

    Lol, yea that is how it is done. Did DaveW catch on?
  4. Emoticons

    I just removed a bunch of the relationship ones.
  5. Emoticons

    Thanks, I'll do that. I removed a few I noticed, but looks like I missed some.
  6. Not all New items are showing?

    I like that idea. ..... Coming soon.
  7. Does Anybody Have Any Music Videos That You Care To Share?

    Can a Yankee from the New England enjoy this style of music?
  8. EXO Error Notice

    Okay made a few changes. Is it still happening?
  9. EXO Error Notice

    I do have a support ticket in with the developers with the software for a few issues we've been having on here. I'll see what they have to say.
  10. EXO Error Notice

    Can you see if it still is happening now? Thank you.
  11. EXO Error Notice

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll be doing more tests tonight and hopefully have an answer for you.
  12. Thank you for the feedback. It's not as annoying as you think it is. ?