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  1. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Is it just me?   

    I'm cranky, but that could be because I am really, really tired.  
  2. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Notifications   

    I'm looking into this now. Nothing in the error logs so they going out. I'll let you know what I find.
  3. BroMatt added a post in a topic: hello to all   

    ​Welcome to Online Baptist.
  4. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Testing 'Copy-Paste' from my PC   

    Above is what I got when pasting the document.
  5. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Testing 'Copy-Paste' from my PC   

    Thank You

    Thank is an action word, primarily used with an object. Speaking the word ‘thank’ requires at minimum a verbal communication. In the case above, the object is a pronoun [you], so all together ‘thank you’ isn’t even a formal ascent toward the individual by their name.

    Today ‘thank you’ has become routine, a parlor token. Just saying ‘Thank You’ does not relieve indebtedness or obligation. Thank you, far too often, is used as a passport to continue on your way. Thank you has become a point of departure without any true regard for some expense provided for your benefit. In your unconscious, you may say, “I’ve performed the necessary and I’m free to move on.”

    When you say ‘Thank You’ you have made an unconscious ascent that you owe someone something. If you feel the need to say thank you, then you should ask yourself, “How may I demonstrate I’m thankful.” Is there action you could or should perform to demonstrate your thanks? How have you demonstrated you are thankful?

    Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul

    Thank you, Lord, for making me whole

    Thank you, Lord, for giving to me

    Thy great salvation so rich and free

    Seth Sykes

    Are the words above just a path to exit? Are you now at ease to continue your own way without change or demonstration of this thank?

    “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” 

  6. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Been gone a while and I changed display name   

    Welcome back.
  7. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Prophecy Debate on Daniel 9   

    If @Pastor Scott Markle agrees, I have no problem with Strikeouts when edits take place.
    Quotes are not on the editor, but rather in each posts. As far only have limited functions, none of those features has been touched, it must be something with your browser.
  8. BroMatt added a review: Lighthouse Baptist Church   

    My home church!! 
  9. BroMatt added an answer to a question: I had read Isaiah 8, can you tell me for certain who vs 14 is about?   

    This question is from Knockknock, so answer appropriately. 
  10. BroMatt added a post in a topic: "'Oops, I missed a step' Salvation."   

    Loaded fine for me on phone and laptop. Try refreshing the screen.
  11. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Prophecy Debate on Daniel 9   

    Okay, you both should have access to the debate forum now. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you. 
  12. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Debate - Prophecy in Daniel 9   

    Let the debate begin.
    @Pastor Scott Markle and @Covenanter please start by posting your opening remarks below. After open remarks are made, feel free to discuss.
  13. BroMatt added a post in a topic: KnocKnock   

    KnockKnock is now banned. They used a disposable email address so they had no intention of returning and would not receive your emails anyways.
  14. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Prophecy Debate on Daniel 9   

    One other question I would have is, would you rather one long thread/post, or have it broken up in a few threads?
  15. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Prophecy Debate on Daniel 9   

    The debators: @Pastor Scott Markle & @Covenanter  (Everyone else will just have viewing privileges) 
    Topic: Prophecy on Daniel 9
    Length: 2 Months (Due to Pastor Markle's ability to post once per week.)
    Debate Rules
    No name calling (No accusations of heresy).No copying and pasting from sources around the internet. (You can copy from your own posts on OB).Each persons begins with opening remarks.After opening remarks. Opening discussions will begin.Can't post back to back comments. Must wait for opposing party to post.Topics can't be edited in anyway after posting. 
    Any other suggestions? If both will now agree, I can set this forum up and we can begin. Thank you. We look forward to following this debate.