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  1. Beautiful work!!
  2. Can you send me your ip address? Your IP may have been accidently blocked.
  3. Thank you. God is good.
  4. It is a simply a link to Let me know if Malwarebytes does not fix it on their end, and I'll remove it from the footer here so you will not get that popup all the time.
  5. That is strange. It is correct that I only have access to the email address so I do not understand how you can be getting spam, unless your email provider has a sneaky way about things.
  6. Hello everyone, I should be back now, but not everyday. Starting a church was such a huge task, but things are going well and God is getting the victory. Looking forward to chatting with you all again. God Bless and have a great Sunday tomorrow.
  7. Your welcome. Enjoy!
  8. Yea, Windows seems to complicate things sometimes.
  9. Nice drawings. I wish I could draw just a little bit.
  10. Okay, time to revive this forum. NFL playoffs just started and all I have to say is GO New England.
  11. @Brother Stafford & @Saved41199& @MaranathaBaptistChurchMPMI Sorry about the delay. I'm currently working on making changes so these requests will get approved right away.
  12. Welcome to Online Baptist.
  13. Welcome back. I know what you mean by ministry happens.