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  1. Wow, yes I remember the grants. Keep us posted.
  2. Try it now.
  3. I'm looking into this now.
  4. You may be able to create a custom listing that will do this for you. This can be done by going to the Activity tab--> My Activity Stream --> Create Custom Stream.
  5. Hi Bro. Matt,

    May I request being added to Tools for the Ministry forum.  I was a member at one time but that was a long long time ago. Though not currently pastoring I have been pastor of three churches, most recently in Cortez CO. We moved back to NC about three years ago and I am currently working for Bro. David Cloud on what would really be a full time basis.  Let me know if you need more information. Thanks!   

  6. All set. You should not be receiving emails any longer.
  7. I know, should be a good game.
  8. Welcome to Online Baptist.
  9. Hi

    Welcome to OB. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  10. Correct, we officially do not hold to the Baptist Brider position, however, some members do hold to that position.
  11. Thanks for understanding. If you ever have any questions about IFB, please ask we are always willing to discuss them in a Christ like manor. Edit: I see that you already did. :)
  12. I told our members that I would work at getting the board emoticons back. I was wondering if you may have the original ones saved?

    I looked all over the net for suitable religious emoticons, but didn't find any suitable.

    The original ones we just right for the board, it would be great to have them back, is possible.

    1. Alan


      Thank you for the emoticons.

      I agree with Jim alaska, I prefer the original emoticons also. If there is any way to get the original emoticons back than please brng them back. 


    2. Salyan


      Especially the :verymad: one with the little guy talking to his hands. That was my favorite. :D

    3. BroMatt


      Unfortunately, they were lost in an upgrade. However, If I locate them I will be adding them back.

  13. Praying.
  14. Beautiful work!!