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  1. Hello

  2. Can't access certain forums or reply

    (Omega), I have found the problem and corrected it. You should now be able to reply in the forums.
  3. Looking for Sermons.

    He is preaching at my church in Ct at the end of the month. What are you looking for?
  4. Closer to the Lord Jesus

    I'm late, but anyways, welcome to Online Baptist.
  5. Inbox Full

    Head over to your inbox ---> http://www.onlinebaptist.com/home/messenger/ Your messages should appear on the left, place checkboxes in the messages you would like deleted and a black box should pop up at the bottom center of your screen with a trash can icon on it.
  6. Inbox Full

    Sorry, Just seeing this now. Is this still a problem?
  7. Activity on Online Baptist

    I'm still here.
  8. Activity on Online Baptist

    Hello PastorJ. I think time is the biggest reason why activity slowed down. I know my online time has been cut drastically since we started the church. It's nice to see you again. Sorry I could not make it to your father's funeral, we had another funeral that we had to attend for someone else in our church. I pray all is well.
  9. Need Help with Another Thread

    Looks like this was already taking care of. Thank you.
  10. Urgent, work needed

    I will be uplifting you in prayer.
  11. Last one to post in this thread wins

    Lol, yea that is how it is done. Did DaveW catch on?
  12. Emoticons

    I just removed a bunch of the relationship ones.
  13. Emoticons

    Thanks, I'll do that. I removed a few I noticed, but looks like I missed some.