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  1. A hole in the water

    This city boy does not do fishing, but have fun.
  2. Software Upgraded

    I just added a Like button to the list. Let me know if this makes things better for you. Thank you.
  3. Software Upgraded

    Just click the Trophy. I'll try to make it a little more noticeable.
  4. Tithing: Established by Law

    Well written post. This is a topic that many disagree with and one day we will find out who was right. I agree that tithing is still for today, but I don't break fellowship with those who don't agree with me on this issue.
  5. Online Baptist Rules

    Board Rules For OnlineBaptist.com Members are resonsible to check this page regularly for any changes or additions that were made. Do not promote your own site, unless a) It's a personal site b) It's to help somebody find something they're looking for c) All inappropriate sites will be deleted without notice. Do not post Spam a) Spam includes advertisements, content deemed inappropriate or illegal, flooding of the boards, double posts, and posts that are posted just to bring hits to your website; b) Spammers will be banned from the boards. c) If your first post contains a link, it might be considered spam. Add links to your profile instead. Feel free to quote the Bible, if you do we ask that you use the KJV. This is done to avoid confusion. The Administrators and Moderators of this site believe that the KJV is Gods preserved Word for the English speaking people, and we ask that you respect that and use the KJV when quoting scripture. Posting a Message a) Make sure that what you are going to post is in the right forum. If you post a Prayer Request in the lounge it will be moved to the prayer request forum. Please do a search before you blame the Administration or the Moderators for deleting the post as it probably was just moved into its proper forum. b) Please do a search before posting the message to see if the topic already exists. We don't need 3 different threads to talk about 1 topic. We will lock any double threads, 1 is enough. Do not make needless, incessant usage of: a) ALL-CAPS; b) Giant fonts with ugly colors c) No Swearing or derogatory terms will be tolerated. Only one swear word deletes the whole post. Ensure that your signature: a) Remains a reasonable size; b) Does not contain excessively large images or annoying animations; c) Follows all the rules applying to posts themselves. Be nice to the Moderators a) The moderators are here to make everyone's visit more enjoyable, so if you experience any problems with abusive users, please tell a moderator. b) If you don't like the fact that the Moderators are deleting your post, don't get mad at them they are just doing what they are told. Go ahead and get mad at the Administrators instead. c) We have the right to delete any post or ban any member who we feel is inappropriate for these boards without notice. d) The mods have the right to lock any topic that they feel is not appropriate for this board. We are not a debating site like some boards, but rather a discussion board. We will not allow the following a) Bashing of other message boards. b) Bashing of your pastor or church. ** Online Baptist is a place for fellowship, disagreements you may have with others should not be handled here. c) Members that come just to argue doctrine instead of fellowship. Banning a member a) You will notice that you have a warning level. Once that reaches 100% you will be banned. b) In certain situations the Admin/Mod has the right ban members before the member reaches 100%.
  6. The Summit

    For the next few days, my family is at the Summit in Berlin, NJ. Looking forward to hearing from God. It has been rough the last few months so it is good to get away and hear some good preaching. Anyone from the NorthEast ever attend the Summit? The Northeast Summit
  7. Emoticons

    I know i'm late posting this, but the icons look great Jim. Thank you for adding them.
  8. The beauty of creation

    Such beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing
  9. Software Upgraded

    We just upgraded the software we are using to the latest version. If you are experiencing any problems, please let me know.
  10. A friend's son...

    Wow, yes I remember the grants. Keep us posted.
  11. Cannot post in the "lounge"

    Try it now.
  12. Cannot post in the "lounge"

    I'm looking into this now.
  13. View posts Newest to Oldest

    You may be able to create a custom listing that will do this for you. This can be done by going to the Activity tab--> My Activity Stream --> Create Custom Stream.
  14. Unwanted emails from this site

    All set. You should not be receiving emails any longer.
  15. NFL Playoffs

    I know, should be a good game.