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  1. BroMatt added a post in a topic: 71F on Wednesday this morning 14F   

    Be thankful you reached 71F already.  
  2. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Peter Humor   

  3. BroMatt added a post in a topic: 11 Days 11 hours and 12 minutes!   

    Can't wait to get back to Fenway. With it snowing today, it is hard to believe that Opening day is just around the corner.

  4. BroMatt added a review: River Valley Baptist Church   

    Great church located in the valley. Members were very welcoming and I felt right at home the whole time.
  5. BroMatt added a post in a topic: HappyChristian   

    I'm going to tag her. Let's see how long before she replies.    @HappyChristian
  6. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Debate coming soon   

    I have not forgot about this debate. Getting the software where it needed to be took longer than expected. Expect an announcement early next week with the details for the debate. Thank you and happy posting. 
  7. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Florida IFB   

    Welcome to Online Baptist.
  8. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Messages and Notifications   

    Notifications should be working now. Sorry about the inconvenience. 
  9. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Deleting conversations - 98%   

  10. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Deleting conversations - 98%   

    You remove Private Conversations now my leaving the conversation. The terminology changed.
  11. BroMatt added a post in a topic: Deleting conversations - 98%   

    ​Are you using a tablet?
  12. BroMatt added a post in a topic: 2ndTimothy   

    Welcome to Online Baptist.
  13. BroMatt added a post in a topic: The moderation tools   

    Okay, the ability to edit your posts should be working again now.
    Unfortunately, the developers of the software removed the ability for members to lock their own threads. I'm going to look at coding that functionality back in.
  14. BroMatt added a post in a topic: The moderation tools   

    The ability to edit posts is temporarily broken. I'll have that fixed in the next couple of days.


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Status Feed

  1. BroMatt

    I love Sundays, the best day of the week.

  2. BroMatt

    We have too many Christians today worried about the defending the US constitution rather than fulfilling the Great Commission.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ASongOfDegrees

      Well, there no command to defend the Constitution (a man made document) while there's a command to spread the gospel.

    3. JerryNumbers

      Yes, seems freedoms is more important than to carry out the works we've been given by God.

    4. Joseph Redgate

      I concur, Brother Matthew.

  3. BroMatt

    Online Baptist is now accepting tips. :) If you do not know what I'm talking about you need to read up :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. irishman

      I guess there's a little devil in each of us!

    3. SarahStrawberry


    4. Salyan

      Perhaps you should set up Paypal...

  4. BroMatt

    We measure snow in feet around here. The girly men that can't handle it move south. :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BroMatt

      It must be easier. Everyone moves from here to that kinda weather. ;-)

    3. Cat

      Steve must live in AZ with me.
      The only difference is that we get fat from staying inside during the Summer, and up North people get fat from staying in during the Winter ;-)

    4. ASongOfDegrees

      I've lived in the North and South and I can take the Northern cold much better than the Southern heat but noway do I miss the six months of snow.

  5. BroMatt

    I heard something about a snowstorm for is New Englanders, is that true? :)

    1. Kitagrl

      Enjoy it! I'm jealous! We only have an inch or two here at the back end of the storm. We are just really out of luck in the snow department for the past two years!

    2. BroMatt

      You need to move north if you want snow. :). New England weather is nuts.

    3. BroMatt

      Not too bad. Got just shy of 40" at my house.

  6. BroMatt

    Merry Christmas OB.

  7. BroMatt

    Back home from the ICU. For some reason my heart stopped beating yesterday, but good thing was I was in the emergency room when it happened. God must still have something planned for me.

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. BroMatt

      After I gained conscience I did tell Trish that I should write a book. From what I can tell, she handled my dying quite well. :) It was quite weird as it is true about the bright lights.

    3. HappyChristian

      Wow. I truly am glad you are okay...hope it stays that way!

    4. JerryNumbers

      Hope & pray things are still going great. Just found out about your newest & latest adventure.

  8. Mrs. T » BroMatt

    Happy Birthday, Bro. Matt!

  9. BroMatt

    Anyone mind sending some rain to New England?

  10. BroMatt

    Please pray for my wife Trish. She was just sent to the ER by her doctor.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Kitagrl

      Oh no! What's wrong? Is the fluid back?

    3. BroMatt

      Thanks for the prayers, she is home now and doing better.

    4. John81

      Praise God! May she continue to get better.

  11. BroMatt

    Everyone have a great day today in Church.

  12. BroMatt

    This will give you an idea what I do when not preaching.

    1. amblivion sister relates to the tiger picture. She thought it was funny and so so true.

  13. BroMatt

    Is there something BIG going on tomorrow? Oh yeah, church!!!

    1. John81

      Amen! First Sunday of February.

  14. BroMatt

    Waiting for Spring to come. :)

    1. amblivion

      It has been in the 60s here! :O

  15. BroMatt

    Is it "email" or "E-mail"?

    1. Brother Rick

      E-mail. :)

    2. FundyPat

      can we turn on my access to the IFB forums please?

  16. BroMatt

    Poking my head in for a minute. Why is life so busy?

    1. HappyChristian

      Good question...Doyou have a good answer, too? =)

  17. BroMatt

    Thinks that all the presidential stuff starts too early.

    1. Wilchbla


    2. HappyChristian


  18. BroMatt

    Welcome to Wednesday.

  19. BroMatt

    Gas under $3.90 now. What a bargain.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. HappyChristian

      Isn't it something how we say, "ooh" when it goes to 3.80? Not too long ago, that would choke us!

    3. John81

      I'm still choking!

    4. HappyChristian

      Oh, we are, too, believe me! My hubby drives almost 100 miles/day...UGH!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Miss Linda

      Dia dhuit!

    3. HappyChristian


    4. Miss Linda

      LOL!! :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. irishman


    3. Crushmaster


    4. Deb2live4Christ

      All the time :)

  20. BroMatt

    Please report any bugs that you find in the Support forum. Thank you.

  21. BroMatt

    "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." What was Franklin thinking?

    1. HappyChristian

      Well, I'm still waiting for the healthy and wealthy part. =)

    2. Salyan

      Benjamin Franklin was OBviously a morning person...

    3. MadeFree92

      He didn't have a computer.

  22. BroMatt

    Everyone, have a great Lord's day tomorrow.

    1. John81

      You as well Bro Matt, thank you!

    2. John81

      You as well Bro Matt, thank you!

    3. Crushmaster

      You too, brother! Thanks.

  23. BroMatt

    Happy 4th of July