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  1. What Happened to OB?

    @John81 Did you try the "All Activity" link in the same spot that the "New Content" link was?
  2. Blocked out of some subjects

    Can you let me know what forums they are in? I'll check it out, thank you. Never mind, I think I found the problem. Let me know if it is fixed now.
  3. Anyone need Web Development?

    @mattbennettWhat church do you attend in Cheshire? I live and am starting a church in Wolcott in a couple of months.
  4. What Happened to OB?

    I preformed an upgrade last night. If the layout is all messed up then you need to clear the cache on your computer.  Under Activity and My Activity Stream you can make a new listing for just about any way you would like. Power is in your hands. :)
  5. Avatar

    The reason why it is blurry is because you uploaded a small resolution picture and the software expands it so that the face will fit inside the circle. If you have a larger resolution photo and upload that, it will fix the blurry problem on the photo.
  6. Bible College

  7. Bible College

    I would like to have a poll to see where those that went to Bible College went. Please choose all that you attended. If I missed your school, shoot me a PM and I will add it. These are in no certain order.
  8. Notifications

    Are you receiving them weekly now? They have been going out, but some some email servers are rejecting them.
  9. Problem with automatic merging of postings.

    I changed the settings to 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the posts should not be merged.
  10. Hey everyone

  11. Another Newbie

    Welcome to OB!!
  12. Back in town

    I have been away for the last couple of weeks. I took our teens to Summer camp, and I have been away as I'm preparing to start a church in Connecticut. I see I have a lot of catching up to do with PM's and other requests. I'll slowly be working on them the next couple of days. Thank you.
  13. New To The Site

    Welcome to OB!!
  14. Just Another Newbie

    Welcome to OB.!!
  15. Also new here :)

    Welcome to Online Baptist.