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  1. SarahStrawberry » nodnarb

    lol Sorry about that.

  2. nodnarb » SarahStrawberry

    Wait your gonna thank me then stick your tongue out at me... how rude.

  3. nodnarb » SarahStrawberry

    LOL I thought about doing that the other day. I will.

  4. SarahStrawberry » nodnarb

    Haha! No! I called the conversation annoying. :-) I'll tell you what I do find annoying though....the big, fat, gray ZERO next to my name. I think you should randomly like one of my posts so it can at least be a one just so long as it's green and not gray. :-P

  5. nodnarb » SarahStrawberry

    Well that is kinda rude.... lol you just called us annoying. lol

  6. SarahStrawberry » nodnarb

    I guess. But they can be annoying too. ;-)

  7. nodnarb » SarahStrawberry

    but those circles are so funny.

  8. SarahStrawberry » nodnarb

    Oops! I think my computer clicks twice sometimes...hence an occasional double post. lol I have a dinosaur that masquerades as a laptop. :-P As for again, maybe I'm referring to all of the circles you, John, and I have run around in some of those games. lol

  9. nodnarb » SarahStrawberry

    You double posted silly. And what do you mean again. Have we done this before?

  10. SarahStrawberry » nodnarb

    Now we're running around in circles! Let's not start that again! lol!

  11. SarahStrawberry » nodnarb

    Now we're running around in circles! Let's not start that again! lol!

  12. nodnarb » SarahStrawberry

    I know you know I just told you. lol

  13. nodnarb » SarahStrawberry

    lol your crazy then.

  14. SarahStrawberry » nodnarb

    Haha! I took it as one. :-P

  15. nodnarb » SarahStrawberry

    I didn't realize I gave you a compliment.

  16. SarahStrawberry » nodnarb

    Well thank you. :-)

  17. nodnarb » SarahStrawberry

    Yes your smilieys. lol

  18. SarahStrawberry » nodnarb

    What??? My smileys?? :-P

  19. nodnarb » SarahStrawberry

    Talk about over kill!

  20. SarahStrawberry » nodnarb

    Yes! lol My family and friends are always telling me/teasing me about that! lol

  21. nodnarb » SarahStrawberry

    You use a lot of smiley faces don't you?