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  1. Kitagrl added a post in a topic: Christian leaders threaten civil disobedience if Supreme Court legalizes sodomite marriage   

    ​Did you read my post????   I never said such a thing......  :-)
  2. Kitagrl added a post in a topic: Christian leaders threaten civil disobedience if Supreme Court legalizes sodomite marriage   

    I will be surprised and dismayed if the Supreme Court is willing to change a definition that has been present since the beginning of time...namely, marriage being a man and a woman.   
    If they do change the definition, many churches will be put out of commission because they will not be able to handle losing their tax exempt status.  (Our church, for example, is NOT 501c3 but we are still tax exempt as a non-profit).   If we lose that non-profit tax exempt status, we will not be able to afford the taxes we would own on our property and on our "income" (tithes and offerings).  Of course we will have to just lose it and let God take care of us, in that case.  He will have to provide the taxes...maybe we'll have to go fishing and look in fish mouths!  haha.
    Anyway if it happens, it will be a very solemn day for everyone still for family values in America.
  3. Kitagrl added a post in a topic: Silly Women   

    I agree also with the second choice.
  4. Kitagrl added a post in a topic: Is it just me?   

    The entire country is cranky and oversensitive, I think.....Christians definitely not excluded.
  5. Kitagrl added a post in a topic: Drones   

    I was looking at an article about the Amazon drones that were approved by the FAA..... and was thinking about prophecy and how there are really strange "beings" described in the ones that have the head of a man and wings of a grasshopper and whatever.... they sound like robotic beings or drones to me!   I bet by then, the world will have the technology to fight entire wars via drone technology.
    I've believed for awhile that this was describing some sort of technology, but more and more I believe it for sure.  Can you imagine John being given glimpses of the end times full of technology, and him trying to write down what he was seeing?!   It must have seemed soooo unbelievable to him!
  6. Kitagrl added a post in a topic: Diet Overboard?   

    Sometimes I feel like naturopaths sort of make things up.  All the buzzwords like 'drawing toxins out of your body" and "cleanses"....God created our bodies to sort of do that on their own....the liver and kidneys do just that.
    Granted, in our day, there are more toxins going on.  (Less viruses and bacteria though.)  But I think we have to be careful because a lot of Christians jump fully on the naturopath bandwagon when we have to remember that many (not all) of these people base this entire lifestyle on the premise that life is from Mother Earth and is based in ancient Chinese religious with earth....meditation...cleanses....things like that.   Some of them work...some of them, I think, are old wives' tales that work similarly to placebo effect.
    I think we have to have balance....try to live healthy and take care of our bodies but not put all our faith in "Natural cures".   Anyway....herbals are chemicals too and must be used with care.
    I know when my friend went paleo I reminded her that "Paleo" is completely based on evolutionary theory.  She agreed and said she was just loosely following it.  But the word "Paleo" just drives me nuts because it teaches us to be healthy by eating like cavemen!
  7. Kitagrl added a post in a topic: Diet Overboard?   

    She doesn't...but she also knows that I cook around other people's diets and that I have asked several times to send me a list.  Or maybe she's afraid I won't get the right things or something, I don't know.
    I guess I hate it too because other than the older lady, she's the only one in this area even close to possibly being a true "Friend"....and then this comes up, and it's not exactly "between" us but in a way it is because it's hard to have a regular casual friendship when all those things need to be planned ahead.  haha.   I mean, we do things once in awhile together and stuff but like I said, the already slightly isolated gets even more isolated with such a restrictive lifestyle.
    Oh and she actually told me the other day that she has no friends.  :-(   I said, "Oh, well what about me?  I'm your friend."  She said, "Yeah but you are so busy with your kids and your jOBs and everything else."    Sigh.   But she works a jOB too.... I guess she was just going through a rough time.
    It was hard to hear though...since I, too, feel I have no friends, and have even sort of discussed it vaguely with her in the past...and then she tells me she has no friends.  BLEH!  hahaha.
    I did invite her for Christmas dinner, I hope they agree.  They have come the two past Christmases.
    BTW this is a private forum Google....
  8. Kitagrl added a post in a topic: Diet Overboard?   

    I read where some people over in the UK wear special clothes to reflect wifi waves because they say they give them bad headaches and other symptoms if they are around wifi.  Which is like everywhere.  So they mostly stay home.
    I dunno...I mean, I can sorta see the risks...but since it's everywhere, and we're all gonna die anyway, I have chosen to leave that off my already long list of worries.  haha.
  9. Kitagrl added a post in a topic: Diet Overboard?   

    I try to!  I love the challenge of creating a difficult dish!  I tell her to send me a list of foods that she can have, and she's like, "No, I'll just bring my own, thanks anyway!"    Whatever.  haha.    I have an older lady who is allergic to soy and they came for Thanksgiving and I made the bread for the stuffing homemade, and the graham crackers for the cheesecake crust homemade, just to avoid soy in everything.  So I have no prOBlem doing extra to work around diets.  *shrug*   
  10. Kitagrl added a post in a topic: Tablets   

    My husband loves his iPad for preaching from.
  11. Kitagrl added a post in a topic: Diet Overboard?   

    It's just tough because like if you want to "go out" then there's only like one or two restaurants she can even go to, and even then not often.   And then if you invite her over, she brings all her own food.  Which is fine, but I just feel so bad...I guess me, I feel like she could go off the diet ONE time ONCE in awhile on a holiday to enjoy herself with others (Unless certain things would make her feel ill, of course) because I have my doubts that one could get cancer from ONE microwaved dish or ONE slice of pie.   But I guess I haven't had cancer yet.  I just feel badly because I feel like the restrictive habits further isolate her when she already feels isolated, to some extent.
    Oh well.
  12. Kitagrl added a post in a topic: Tablets   

    Worst thing I ever did was buy my kids iPods.  It opened a door to my oldest son I wish he had never gone through.   We got rid of those and after a bit of counseling, hopefully my oldest son is beginning to heal from some of it.  It got my second son way to hooked on gaming.  My third son was young enough not to be seriously affected by it.  Just thoughts.
    Anyway for adults I LOVE Apple iPad, and Kindle Fire is, I think, pretty good too.   I haven't had any experience at all with others, and only have seen the Kindle.
    If for kids, be sure to make sure the parents know all about parental controls, because I did NOT know about that with my kids' iPods.   Parents should turn internet access completely off for any child with a tablet.   We learned the hard way.
  13. Kitagrl added a post in a topic: Diet Overboard?   

    Hi ladies!  I haven't posted in here for awhile!
    I have a slight concern...I have a friend in our small church (my hubby is pastor) and she had cancer and had a hysterectomy.  She also has thyroid prOBlems, etc.
    Anyway because of her health issues, she started going to a naturopath dr to get her diet straightened up because of the cancer.  Her cancer has not come back for three years so far, so that's awesome!  But sometimes I'm afraid she is sooooo paranoid that it is affecting other things.
    She won't use a microwave, she won't eat most regular foods except a narrow diet from the naturopath...she paid $600 (and they don't have a lot of money) to go to a special naturopath dentist to remove her old metal fillings and replace them with ceramic or whatever the white stuff is.  She buys all organic, eats gluten free and most other stuff-free.  
    I know recently she's started to feel a little lonely...our church is quite lonely with not a lot of available friends, and they do not have other friends in the area because she is a transplant from out west when she got married three years ago.  She cannot have children.
    I really just feel like if she would loosen up a LITTLE bit and still maintain a healthy diet, and even gluten free if she wants, she could enjoy life a bit more.   She always brings her own food everywhere she goes.   She refuses to eat anything from a microwave.  (Cell phones give off microwaves too.  You can't get away from those.)
    I guess it's none of my business.  I've gently questioned her before in the past but she is unswayed...she is so terrified of cancer that she would prOBably just drink water and eat green beans or something if a naturopath told her that's what she had to do.   She takes all kinds of herbs and supplements.  (Which I'm okay with in moderation, but not in excess, because to me, that stuff is chemical too, and needs to be regulated as to dosage.)
    I guess I should just mind my own business and stop worrying about somebody else's life eh?   I wanted to tell her "Why do you avoid microwave ovens?   Cell phones do the same thing and you have a cell phone.  And WiFi does the same thing, and it's everywhere."  But I guess all that would do is serve to make her worry more, not less.
    I have my own medical paranoias, but not really to where it affects my everyday life (except the anxiety that arises from it LOL).  So I guess, to an extent, I understand where she is coming from.  But I feel like it must be sooo stressful to feel like you have to avoid 60% of everything you come in contact with in your life, just to avoid cancer....and that is still no guarantee that you are avoiding cancer because of it.  Maybe she would be avoiding cancer anyway...or maybe she will still get it back regardless (hope not.)
    Am I crazy to be concerned about this?  I guess prOBably I am, huh....
  14. Kitagrl added a post in a topic: More American Justice   

    The evidence and witnesses in Ferguson pretty clearly laid out self defense.  I fully supported Officer Wilson.  He was attacked.  Period.
    The case in NYC I have not does not seem right, on first view...but somehow a Grand Jury felt it was okay.  Terrible timing, that's for sure.
    What gets me is that shortly after the Ferguson shooting, a black cop shot a white man in Utah.  The white man did not attack the cop or anything..he just refused to put his hands up, and then when he suddenly shot them up, the cop thought he had a gun, and shot him dead.  (I saw the video, the cop was wearing a camera).    But the man had been unarmed.  But no media wants to touch that one with a ten foot pole.
    I'm tired of the inequality.  I'm not racist.  I have not done anything to anyone of another skin color.  So I don't expect to be on the receiving end of a lot of racism lately.   If the media wants to make a big deal about cop shootings, then they need to report ALLLL of them.  Not just the white on black ones.
  15. Kitagrl added a post in a topic: We Are At War. . . . Again   

    I'm more worried about the brewing civil war at the moment.