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  1. Starting a church

    I would agree that a church should not officially organize without a pastor. However, it is not necessary for a church to be planted by another church. The pastor should be ordained by a local church and sent out.
  2. Starting a church

    It's been a while, but Paul was beckoned in a dream to go to Macedonia. Also I believe her name was Lydia and her husband sought the Apostle to come start a church. Most new testament churches were started in this fashion as the Roman persecution pushed Christians all over the world The apostles were sent by a local church to go out, but believers were already organized in many places. I believe that the key is for the organization of the church to be led by a pastor, but that doesn't mean that a body of believers can't meet while looking for God's man
  3. Starting a church

    A church can start in a number of ways. 1. A local body of believers organize. 2. A missionary/pastor are led to start a church in an area without a good church. Both models are seen in the new testament in the Apostle Paul's ministry
  4. Is a home church a biblical church?

    Meeting in a home is completely different than a home church. Those that hold to home churches typically meet as a family unit with the father being the elder/pastor. Very much Old Testament