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  1. Who was the true author of Genesis?

    God is the author; Moses was the penman
  2. is surrender required for salvation?

    Surrender as it is typically preached is a post salvation response. I can receive Christ and repent, without immediately surrendering to God's will for my life. I was saved when I was 10, but surrendered to God's will at 19.
  3. How would you reconcile this?

    Jim, Take a look at the Hebrew Words for earth. I believe there are more than one, which may bring resolution to this apparent contradiction. I don't have my Hebrew books handy, otherwise I would look. If you have Keil & Delitch commentaries, they are very exhaustive on the Hebrew. Thanks PastorJ
  4. Is the KJVO "movement" dying?

    Matt, You are correct about New England, but I will tell you the Bible Belt is dying fast. in a 30 mile radius of my home, there are about 100 Independent Baptist Churches and I would say that 1 or 2 preach the Word of God and neither of them are "Alive' Winston Salem was the same way. Over 100 IFB churches and I can count on 1 hand the number of churches that are not dead. There are more good churches in CT, than there are around me.
  5. Is the KJVO "movement" dying?

    Weary Warrior - You are absolutely correct. Churches stopped training young men and started relying on schools like BJU, PCC, Crown and a few others. Though I like these institutions, they do not train young men to pastor churches. The young men come out completely clueless and usually have no basis of the Bible. I encourage young men to go to "Preacher Schools" like New England Baptist College, or other church run schools out there. Independent Baptist Churches need to get back to what made them - The Word of God!
  6. Soul winning class ideas

    I had a missionary in Haiti try to tell me that his church of 200 led 17000 people to Christ in one month. I asked if Revival had broken out. His answer was no. There is no way 200 people can lead 17000 people to Christ without impacting the region.
  7. Soul winning class ideas

    1 John was written to help Christians who were doubting their salvation. I don't have an issue with helping Christians in times when they are struggling. Here are a couple thoughts 1. Never tell someone they are saved or "Don't you remember when you accepted Christ". If someone is in doubt, I take them through the plan of salvation and I have always had those that were saved tell me that they were saved and just struggling with sin. 2. If someone is in doubt immediately after "Getting saved", then they are still lost. In order to be saved, you must repent and believe in faith. This is where easy believeism really is completely wrong. Quick Prayer or repeat after me prayers are the reason people make professions, but are not saved. 3. Ask people for their testimony frequently. I ask my children for their testimony every now and then. But when they were children, I asked it all the time. It reinforces their Salvation.
  8. Looking for Likes

    Alan is really close - Keep it up!! Not sure when the week ends
  9. Looking for Likes

    Keep it up, I am almost in 1st place :)
  10. Looking for Likes

    So disappointed that I have only 1 like
  11. Looking for Likes

    Okay everyone, like this post so I can win the week and month. I am so close :)
  12. Can't access certain forums or reply

    It was taken away because we want you to be more productive with your time :)
  13. Is the KJVO "movement" dying?

    swathdriver - I did not intend to argue about this with you, but this is unfortunately the mentality that has gotten our IFB churches to where they are today. The Holy Spirit would never lead any Christian to a church where there is no preaching,. The vast majority of Christians are not being led by the Holy Spirit, they are being led by their emotions and entertainment value. They go to a church and leave happy so that must mean the Holy Spirit is leading them there. Christians should go to church to be edified, reproved and rebuked by the Word of God. If the Word of God is not preached, all you did was get entertained. My gifts and influence will not change the ways of a "yeller or story teller". I will not refer to them as preachers as they do not "Preach". People need to hold the Pastor to a Biblical level and mandate that he "Preaches". It's a sad state of America that we are missing this in our churches.
  14. Ministries

    That was limited to Pastors or those who are in FT ministry. You can always ask the moderator for access. Not sure of the current policy
  15. Is the KJVO "movement" dying?

    Pastor Markle - You are absolutely correct.