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  1. Thompson Chain Reference Bible

    I like the Thompson Chain. Just realize that most of the notes are based on the Westcott Hort
  2. Are We Teaching the Bible Well in Our Churches?

    You must be very careful in your interpretations of Revelation chapters 2 and 3. Though I believe these chapters represent 7 different types of churches which are represented throughout church history, the idea that there are 7 different church ages has a lot of complications.
  3. Evolution Evangelism

    Jesuslivesinus - As shared before, the individuals on this board reject evolution and hold to a Biblical basis of creation found in Genesis Chapters 1-2. God spoke everything into existence in 6 literal days. We are happy to engage you in a discussion from Scripture, but if you want to attack Independent Baptists, I would suggest finding another place to discuss evolution.

    JesusLivesInUs When science disagrees with the Bible, the Bible is always right. It's amazing how the Bible ends up proving Science wrong. At one point, Science said the earth was flat. The Bible said it was round. There is significant Biblical and Scientific evidence of a young earth, Probably around 6-10 thousand years old, not billions or trillions. If you want to say evolution is true, do it from Scripture, not faulty science and I am happy to engage in a discussion.
  5. Islam

    This is what was being referred to. This is not KJV I get where you are coming from though.
  6. Are We Teaching the Bible Well in Our Churches?

    This is the direction of most churches today. The church has become another way to entertain us rather than a place of worship. My daughter went to a "Baptist Church" and they had a light and smoke show during the "Praise" time. We are definitely in the Laodicean Church age
  7. Lying before GOD

    The only sin that can't be forgiven is the rejection of God and you pass from this life. While you are still alive, you can still turn to God and receive Christ as your Saviour. PastorJ
  8. "Ban The Person Above You" Game

    Ban NN, just because :)
  9. "Ban The Person Above You" Game

    I ban Rosie because she appears to be banning the most people
  10. Tops for the Week

    When I was here last, there was a leaderboard, but it was only all time. I see that I am now tops on the leaderboard for the week. Yahoo!!!
  11. Casting spells

    The devils can't do anything to you without God's permission. The devils can also not possess a saved person. Assuming you are saved, they can only oppress you, with God's permission. My only advice is to put on the whole armour of God and He will protect you through this attack. We will be praying! Pastor J
  12. Activity on Online Baptist

    Thank you Bro Matt. Your daughters were wonderful. We really enjoyed having your dad preach the funeral. I told your daughters that they deserved one free get out of trouble award :) on me.
  13. Activity on Online Baptist

    You are correct, I was last very active in the 2008-2010 timeframe. I have stopped by now and then, but it's been a while. I guess I didn't realize how long.
  14. Have you heard this statement?

    When my family traveled working with small churches, I came across this a few times. The one that was amazing to me was in Florida. I went out with an individual and it was my turn to talk. I started up a nice conversation with this lady on her doorstep. She was very willing to talk. After presenting the Gospel, I asked her if she had ever heard that before. She told me that she had, but didn't believe it. After some more discussion, my partner asked her if he could pray with her. To my amazement, he led her in the sinners prayer. After he was done, I stopped him and told her that she was not saved, but she could be if she would pray something similar believing. I then took my partner back to the church. On the way back, he was livid that we were stopping soul-winning and that I told her she wasn't saved after he "Led her to Christ". It was not a fun conversation, but I spent a good hour explaining to him that a prayer doesn't save. After we were done, the pastor showed up and he had a conversation with the Pastor. He reinforced what I had told him and it finally clicked with him. He was zealous to lead people to the Lord, but at been taught wrong.
  15. Activity on Online Baptist

    I always found though I got very frustrated with the Ruckmanites that seemed to flock to this forum, Iron sharpeneth iron. As I debated those who held to differing positions it showed me where I needed to further study. Anyway, I was just curious. It's been a few years since I was active. I hope to be more active. Thanks Ed