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  1. I highly recommend FBN Radio. In fact, I think someone on here mentioned it once upon a time ago. It has a good balance of sound preaching and conservative Christian music. Also Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio. It's all music. I haven't listened to it in a while but liked it when I did.
  2. 92%-Rick Santorum 88%-Ted Cruz 88%-Jeb Bush 11%-Bernie Sanders
  3. Thanks for the response Alan. The purpose of my post was not to have it devolve into "Is it biblical to show patriotic videos in church?" and how some churches idolize country and flag. Just thought some people would like it. Shouldn't be surprised though, no wonder so many people stopped posting on this board. Oh well.
  4. My Church played this during our morning service and I was shocked that I've never heard or seen this before (I consider myself a reasonably knowledgeable sports fan). It's sad but now I look at July 4th as a celebration of what our country USED to be, not what it is now.