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  1. It's been highs of 5 here lately....Brother Jerry, right now it is 8. A all time high for the week! We get weather just like Iowa where I live in Missouri...so I guess I'll be right at home up there.
  2. Don't remind me...Class starts on Tues.. :coolsmiley:
  3. Hello everyone, home from my short time away from OB...well I got to be on here for short stays some. But I'm back and then back into hiding for the semester starting on Friday.
  4. 10 degrees here Bro. Jerry :)
  5. I was just thinking...wait a minute wasn't it always EST?
  6. Don't like Coffee...I'm allergic to milk so no Hot Cocoa... So Tea it is!! With some nice Amish produced Honey in it!!
  7. Jumps up and down in her snowboots
  8. :icon_mrgreen::icon_mrgreen::icon_mrgreen::icon_mrgreen::icon_mrgreen:
  9. You need to read updates...TRC hahahah hee hee hee
  10. Is quickreply going to be turned back on?? :thumb:
  11. Wonder who won...
  12. My last post of the year...EST...that is...