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  1. John81 added a post in a topic: Pantry ABC   

    meatloaf pan
  2. John81 added a post in a topic: Alphabet Boys Names   

  3. John81 added a post in a topic: Questions Only   

    Do you know after I was first saved back in '81 I tried watching the Christian programs on TV and most of them just confused me more than anything else?
  4. John81 added a post in a topic: Alphabetical Girls Names   

    ​Is that a girls internet user name?
  5. John81 added a post in a topic: Pieces of a puzzle   

    If only American citizens had the wisdom and boldness to demand proper leaders, to refuse to play the "two-party game", to refuse to settle for what the elite tells us we must "choose", to stop supporting and re-electing those who fail us, to stop thinking of only self when voting, to become educated enough to cast an informed vote, to demand, support and vote for all efforts to restore the Constitution.
    Eventually, even all this mess will be used of the Lord to bring about His perfect will and Christ will rule Supreme.
  6. John81 added a post in a topic: Centrifuges Spinning. Do sanctions work?   

    America's Founders recognized this as well. They advised America make no entangling alliances with other nations and that America stay out of other nations internal affairs and their wars. At the same time they called for economic trade with all willing nations.
    As has been pointed out, sanctions are (at the least) and act of economic war and whatever effect they have, it hits the poor and average citizens hardest. While our leaders have said hurting the citizens will lead to revolt history has proven otherwise. Sanctions hurting the citizens typically makes them hate the nations(s) doing this and brings about a patriotic zeal (to one extent or another) to stand by their leaders.
    Meanwhile, China or other nations profit by not participating in the sanctions so they can be the ones to sell material to those nations either openly or by back channels. In so doing they also gain favor with the people of those nations.
  7. John81 added a post in a topic: Whats for Supper...   

    chicken noodle soup with extra mixed veggies mixed in.
  8. John81 added a post in a topic: John81   

    I'm up every morning between 4:15 and 4:45 no matter what the suns doing.
    I'm a ways to the northwest of you.
  9. John81 added a post in a topic: My Cousin Stella   

    ​I pray she may be able to live well at home. Whether that year prediction is right, or it turns out to be five, there is a measure of good in knowing such as it gives one the opportunity to make sure they are ready for their departure.
    I hope you are able to have a nice time with her this summer.
  10. John81 added a post in a topic: Through The Bible One Verse At A Time   

    Genesis 46:21
    And the sons of Benjamin were Belah, and Becher, and Ashbel, Gera, and Naaman, Ehi, and Rosh, Muppim, and Huppim, and Ard.
  11. John81 added a post in a topic: Through The Bible One Verse At A Time   

    Genesis 46:19
    The sons of Rachel Jacob's wife; Joseph, and Benjamin.
  12. John81 added a post in a topic: mike   

    Does anyone know what George W. Bush was doing at the time the locking occurred? According to the Democrats and mainstream media it seems most all bad things are somehow his fault.
  13. John81 added a post in a topic: John81   

    LOL! We are supposed to warm up next week. I only wish the time weren't changing this weekend. It's finally getting light in the morning and now they will play with time so it will be dark in the morning again.
  14. John81 added a post in a topic: Can't be done. Right?   

    When Ron Paul was in congress he tried to refuse his salary but congress has written the pay rules so everyone has to take their salary. Dr. Paul then had his entire salary sent directly to a charity.
    Being in congress was never intended to be a career or a job one could make a living from. Being a member of congress was intended to be a part-time job with minimal pay, filled by men desiring to serve their State and country, not be served.
  15. John81 added a post in a topic: John81   

    Thank you Rosie! Snow is bad enough, I don't like any kind of ice on the road at all. Hopefully that's about finished since the weatherman says we have a warming trend coming up with actual spring-like temperatures! Hope they are right this time.

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    It may seem dark at the moment, but don't lose hope. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, keep moving and you'll get there. God won't abandon you; let God be your light. It may take some time, but in the end, everything will be alright.

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    I actually take my new place on that Board in January. The old Board had their final meeting recently and the next meeting will seat the new members; of which I am one. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers on this.

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    John, I was just wondering during prayer this morning how the new Board of Education ministry is going for you.

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    Thank you, John, that's very kind of you. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, too.