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  1. John81 added a post in a topic: Alphabetical Girls Names   

  2. John81 added a post in a topic: Through The Bible One Verse At A Time   

    Genesis 46:1
    And Israel took his journey with all that he had, and came to Beersheba, and offered sacrifices unto the God of his father Isaac.
  3. John81 added a post in a topic: John81   

    That's part of the problem. Another part of the problem is so many parents today were never taught right when they were children. It still shocks me to hear how some children speak to their parents. I hear children, from little children to teens an all in-between sassing, bad mouthing, yelling at, arguing with and even cussing their parents in public. When I was a child it wasn't considered child abuse to immediately spank a child on the spot for such horrible behaviour, or even to give them an open handed smack in the face.
    Today, I see the parents acting all timid, offering bribes to their children, caving in to their demands, letting their children have their way.
    I know some businesses around here who have so much trouble with those raised like this. They hire someone in their late teens or in their 20s, sometimes 30s, and they start their job thinking they know more than their supervisors, that things should instantly change to suit them, that they should get special attention, should be allowed to take breaks when they want, spend however much time they want on dinner breaks, show up and leave at their convenience, and then have mighty fits when they are faced with the reality of how things are on the job. These places have such high turnover rates it's amazing. They have to fire many of these people but many more simply walk off the job in a huff because they can't have their way.
    Whatever happened to being grateful for having a job and if you didn't like the job just do your best while looking and waiting for something better to come up?
  4. John81 added a post in a topic: Through The Bible One Verse At A Time   

    Genesis 45:27
    And they told him all the words of Joseph, which he had said unto them: and when he saw the wagons which Joseph had sent to carry him, the spirit of Jacob their father revived:
  5. John81 added a post in a topic: Its Just Me   

    For some reason when I came here this morning I was logged out. I had to sign in but it didn't give me any problems with accepting my name and password.
    I've been using Firefox while on OB . I've not tried using IE since the update so I don't know if there are still problems with that or not.
  6. John81 added a post in a topic: Snub Him Or Not   

    Which is one of the reasons why this snub shouldn't happen. Obama hates those who don't worship him and bow to his whims which is the main reason for his obsession with taking shots at Putin and much of the reason for his dislike for Bibi.
    Obama has taken the time to welcome some rather unsavory people that didn't deserve to be welcomed at the White House. He should at least give a polite welcome to Bibi but his pride and love of Islam prevents him from doing what is right.
  7. John81 added a post in a topic: Alphabetical - Hymn   

    Joy Unspeakable
  8. John81 added a post in a topic: Questions Only   

    Does that mean He likes the western part of the country better than the eastern?
  9. John81 added a post in a topic: Ok, I Admit It...   

    Ok, I admit it, things get really quiet and slow around here when only like-minded folks are posting.
  10. John81 added a post in a topic: Snub Him Or Not   

    No. If Israel is an important ally, as well as a friend, then it would simply be good manners to politely welcome him and treat him with respect even if for no other reason (like common decency!).
  11. John81 added a post in a topic: ISIS academics   

    The aim of ISIS is total Islamification. There can be no past history of anything outside Islam, no room for any non-Muslims in the present, nothing but Islam for the future.
    During the brief time the Muslim Brotherhood held power in Egypt there was talk of destroying the pyramids because of their pagan, non-Islamic history.
  12. John81 added a post in a topic: Midweek Service   

    Most people around here have to travel between 30 - 90 minutes to get to work, then the same amount to get back home. Add that onto the fact so many businesses have switched to irregular hours or 12 hour shifts and it's really tough for some folks to deal with.
    In our case, we have that going on plus much of our congregation drives 30 - 120 minutes to get here.
    That doesn't even factor in all the things going on with folks kids these days, helping elderly relatives, etc.
    On a good Sunday we have around 220 attend church. A while back some bad weather came through and most churches cancelled services, except ours. We had 89 make it to church that day, praise God! As our pastor said, some might say "only 89" but even if they do, that's still 89 more than any of the churches which cancelled had.
  13. John81 added a post in a topic: Happy Birthday Happy Christian   

    Blessed happy birthday LuAnne!!!
  14. John81 added a post in a topic: Alphabet Boys Names   

  15. John81 added a post in a topic: John81   

    I really wonder sometimes! Its seems so many today seem bright and capable so long as they are plugged into their laptop or smart phone but take those away and they are lost.
    It's amazing how many young women I hear of who can't even cut up a chicken to cook. Women who don't know how to do much around the home at all. Even some young women who hire someone as soon as they have a baby because they don't know what to do with their own babies!
    The same goes for a lot of young men too. Even basic living things they are clueless about because somebody has always done it for them.
    There are at least a couple of generations out there which are very spoiled, uneducated and unskilled in basic life skills, and almost totally dependent upon being plugged into the cyber world.
    If a depression hit today like America went through in the 30s, many couldn't survive.

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