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  1. John81 added a post in a topic: hello to all   

  2. John81 added a post in a topic: Prayer for me please   

    ​Yes Rosie, and I will keep this in continual prayer as well.
    My Dad has dealt with heart issues since his early 40s and as he got older more was required. He's had stents put in, a portion of his heart deadened, and last year his heart went into persistent a-fib for which they are trying a medicine to even it out but if that doesn't work they are going to have to put in a pacemaker.
    One of my uncles had a quintiple (?; 5, whatever the word for that is) heart bypass. I've got a-fib.
    I can certainly understand praying for God's healing and not wanting to go through any more procedures.
    God bless and keep you Rosie.
  3. John81 added a post in a topic: Through The Bible One Verse At A Time   

    Genesis 49:27
    Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf: in the morning he shall devour the prey, and at night he shall divide the spoil.
  4. John81 added a post in a topic: Through The Bible One Verse At A Time   

    Genesis 49:25
    Even by the God of thy father, who shall help thee; and by the Almighty, who shall bless thee with blessings of heaven above, blessings of the deep that lieth under, blessings of the breasts, and of the womb:
  5. John81 added a post in a topic: Islamic State near Texas border.   

    Even back when Bush the Second was president there was evidence of radical Muslim groups attempting to set up operations and bases in Mexico. It's not surprise that one or more have succeeded, especially given the willingness of Mexican gangsters and corrupt officials to do anything for money.
    If a group wanted to get at America what better way than to organize in Mexico and slip across the border as just another person in the crowd of hundreds of thousands of illegal Mexicans crossing the border.
    Even knowing of this great danger, neither Bush or Obama would seal the border. (and we know the border can be sealed because immediately after 9-11 when Bush ordered all air traffic halted he also ordered the border sealed, and that border became pretty secure for a short time before the border was opened again)
  6. John81 added a post in a topic: Through The Bible One Verse At A Time   

    Genesis 49:23
    The archers have sorely grieved him, and shot at him, and hated him:
  7. John81 added a post in a topic: Golden Gates? Fairy Angels? Santa Claus Jesus   

    Another pathetic attempt to gain some money and fleeting fame at the expense of the gullible and ignorant.
    Hopefully these things will slow down, at least for a time, since so much has come forward lately of the falsehood of these stories.
    I've read excerpts from several of these books, and actually read two of them (the died, gone to heave, come back with a great story books) and the main thing they all have in common is their unbiblical descriptions of heaven, angels and Jesus.
    The other side of this sham is those who write books claiming to have gone to hell but given another chance at life so they can warn others of hell. Again, these books are filled with that which goes against Scripture. Even the idea of going to hell and being released to warn others of hell goes against Scripture. Then there are the fanciful tales of finding themselves in dungeon-like prison cells tormented by demons and similar nonsense which has no foundation in Scripture.
    The Bible is clear, hell is a place of torment for all who end up there and there is no escape. Nowhere does Scripture say demons (devils) rule in hell or have any power over people in hell. The torments of hell described in Scripture never include demons torturing people or having any interaction with people at all.
    It's really a sad testimony against so many Christians, pastors and churches (especially here in America where these books become so popular) that such books are readily received, bought, read, spoken highly of and even become the foundation of or talking point in many sermons (positively, not as a warning against).
    If only Christians would read the Bible for themselves, learn God's truth, they would not be fooled and taken in by these lies of the devil which only serve to promote lies and distract from truth.
  8. John81 added a post in a topic: Through The Bible One Verse At A Time   

    Genesis 49:21
    Naphtali is a hind let loose: he giveth goodly words.
  9. John81 added a post in a topic: Television - Is it growing moral decay in the USA?   

    If a person simply looks at the homosexual aspect there is a clear trail from "groundbreaking" and "bold" programs which first introduced positive, openly "gay" characters, to how many others eventually have done so and how it spread from Soap Operas to sit coms to shows geared toward young audiences (such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer which turned a main character into a lesbian in the shows 3rd season) to now where childrens programing features open homosexuals positively and anyone opposed to such as mean, ignorant, bigoted, hateful.
    The same sort of thing in terms of divorce, adultery and casual sex which came years earlier paved the way for the inclusion and promotion of homosexuals.
    Lucy and Dezi, married in real life and on their TV show weren't allowed to be seen sleeping in the same bed together. Now prime time shows allow unmarried couples to not only be in bed together, but to show almost everything.
    Jennie on I Dream of Jennie couldn't show her belly button but not many years later that and much more was allowed to be shown.
    So many of the words that were once censored from movies on TV are now allowed to be used on regular TV programs. The censoring of new movies is very limited and done in such a way it's obvious what words are said or when nudity is involved they blur part of the nudity but only as little as they must.
    Reality programs are filled with lust, booze, unmarried sex, foul language and all this gains high viewer ratings.
    Since we don't watch much TV, and what we do watch we are careful about, it's actually shocking at times what I see when at someones home, or even in a waiting room with a TV, what they show and say and talk about on TV with children present and during what used to be family hours.
  10. John81 added a post in a topic: Through The Bible One Verse At A Time   

    Genesis 49:17
    Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward.
  11. John81 added a post in a topic: 5 Surprising Facts About Marco Rubio's Faith   

    ​Unfortunate that such is indeed an amazing thing rather than normal. It seems these days when such things occur the person who put forth the Word either withdraws it quickly or goes into explanation mode which usually twists and waters the Word away. It's good to see that not everyone cowers and folds like that.
  12. John81 added a post in a topic: Australians Call for Fasting and Prayer for USA   

    ​Like here, these organizations go for the "big tent" approach when it comes to who they team up with and accept into their list of participants. There will be many praying who will not be heard, but I'm thankful for those true Christians who will be praying during this time.
    It's also good to know that many true Christians who hear of these things will take the prompt to fast and pray without actually being a part of the organized effort.
    Praise God for the prayers of His people here, there and around the world.
  13. John81 added a post in a topic: 5 Surprising Facts About Marco Rubio's Faith   

    ​Rather hypocritical how these supposed freedom loving people are always DEMANDING their own way, which means taking away the freedoms of others?
  14. John81 added a post in a topic: Australians Call for Fasting and Prayer for USA   

    This Western Nation Is Calling for Urgent Prayer Over the United States
    11:00AM EDT 4/14/2015 Warwick Marsh The team behind Australia's National Day of Prayer and Fasting with other prayer leaders are calling the nations of the world to prayer and fasting for seven days for USA. This period of prayer will take place from April 30—May 6, 2015. April 30 is America's National Day of Repentance (NDOR). May 7 is the 64th Annual National Day of Prayer (NDP).

    Warwick Marsh, Australian coordinator, said, "30 April is the 226th anniversary of George Washington's inauguration as a devout Christian president and the 152nd anniversary of Lincoln's Day of 'Humiliation, Prayer and Fasting' held during the devastating times of the Civil War. The theme for the USA National Day of Prayer on May 7, 2015, 'Lord Hear Our Cry,' is taken from 2 Kings 8:28:  'Give attention to your servant's prayer and his pleas for mercy, Lord my God. Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is praying in your presence this day.'" 

    Alison Jessup from Australia said, "We in Australia believe it is our turn to bless the nation of America and pray for healing for the USA through prayer and fasting according to 2 Chronicles 7:14. We in Australia are grateful for the protection that America gave Australia and the nations of the free world during World War II. The 1942 Battle of the Coral Sea, led by the USA, was the turning point in the Second World War for Australia." 

    Pastor Matt Prater from Australia said: "We are calling the nations of the world to join in prayer and fasting with our brothers and sisters in Christ in the USA. Last year we had people from over 40 nations join with us. This year we are believing for over 100 nations to join us in prayer and fasting for the USA." 

    Lana Vawser from Australia said, "There is a fight for the destiny of the USA right now. The destiny of America hangs in the balance. The Lord is calling His people to arise and pray for the United States of America. It is time to contend."
  15. John81 added a post in a topic: Pet Peeves   

    Another traffic Pet Peeve: Those people in the left turn lane awaiting the traffic lights to turn green and a green arrow appears and they just sit there as if they don't know what to do.

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