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  1. What Ever Happened To Christmas?

    "Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:" Colossians 2:16
  2. The Tithe, for the Church or not?

    If a person studies Christian giving, as put forth in the New Testament which is for Christian living, it's very clear there is no tithe requirement. Tithe commandments were under the Old Testament (Covenant) for Israel. Unless a person believes in replacement theology, that the church has replaced Israel and therefore the commands to Israel apply to the church, there is no basis anywhere in Scripture to command a Christian to tithe.
  3. Through The Bible One Verse At A Time

    Exodus 14:22 And the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea upon the dry ground: and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left.
  4. The Widow's Mites

    In fact, excellent post NN! The only thing I would add is that a persons heart needs to be led by the Lord after prayer regarding their giving. While some recognize this, many are very haphazard in their giving. Some give whatever they happen to grab out of their pocket with no thought (let alone prayer) at all. Others give based upon whatever formula they are working with at the time. Some out of a sense of guilt. Some hoping to receive extra financial blessings based upon how much they give. Etc. The point about "God's going to get His tithe one way or another" and similar arguments along the lines of "don't worry about your bills, just pay your tithe even if you can't afford it and God will take care of those bills" are some of the most egregious teachings. I know of folks who have gone into great debt trying to follow these teachings; those who have lost their homes, marriages and other things due to poor money management based upon their preachers teaching (which is so very similar to some of the prosperity preachers they are quick to call false teachers!). Yes, even Baptists have problems with men's traditions having become "doctrine" that is fought to preserve. I've heard preachers say if they didn't constantly preach on the tithe and push their congregation to tithe their church wouldn't have any money at all. If such were true, then it would be better to preach on salvation and growth in Christ because when a congregation is living for the Lord the church will have its needs met.
  5. The Widow's Mites

    It doesn't matter what motive a preacher has to preach tithing since there are no biblical grounds for such. Christians are not called to give any certain percentage or amount so to preach otherwise is unbiblical, false teaching.
  6. The Widow's Mites

    That's because there is absolutely no command for Christians to tithe anything to the church. Such isn't even suggested. Unfortunately many Baptist pastors preach otherwise.
  7. The Widow's Mites

    Amen! That is the biblical truth there!! It's sad to hear Baptist preachers sound so much like the prosperity preachers they denounce, when they come before their congregation and tell them they must tithe even if that means they can't pay their bills or shop for groceries. Then they declare God will honor their faithfulness by sending them whatever amount of money they need to pay those bills and buy those groceries. J. Vernon McGee told a good story of the depression days when a well-to-do man was speaking highly of himself for continuing to tithe during the hard times while speaking badly of those with virtually nothing (in some cases literally having no money at all) who were not tithing each Sunday. McGee pointed out Christians are not under the tithe laws and when God prospers some it could be He wants them to give more during those times others are unable to give. As God provides, we cheerfully give, thankful to give what we can. It's such a blessing to spend time with the Lord in prayer seeking His will with regards to our giving.
  8. i find it amusing

  9. Throughout the history of nations elite power players, often behind the scenes, have held great sway in the building up as well as destruction of nations for the sake of their own profit. They place people in positions of power who they know will work for their benefit, not the nation. It's been a very long time since America has had a truly nationalist president, congress and Supreme Court. England has gone long without similar as well. In the meantime, while both nations have been descending at an increasing rate, the power players have been enriching themselves. With their vast wealth and political connections around the world they can leave any nation that crumbles and continue to live as if unquestioned royalty elsewhere.
  10. So good to "see" you!:wave:  Hope you are doing well.:D

    1. SarahStrawberry

      Haha! Hey! You caught me :-P I did pop in for a min. Been meaning to. Will try to swing back by :-)

  11. All Preachers Should Have A Conceal Weapon Permit

    Jesus doesn't say what some are attempting to state and there is no indication of that from Jesus or His Apostles. The point of the strong man is with regards to the spiritual matter.
  12. Russia started demanding payments for their oil to be made in a currency other than the dollar after Obama got personal towards Putin. China is working on forming an Asian banking center, which even our "allies" in the EU are joining with, that is the stepping stone for turning from the dollar as the major currency of exchange. China has ambitious plans to modernize, move much of their rural population into cities to be put to work there, to build a Pacific naval fleet capable of dealing with the American Pacific fleet, and upgrading the rest of their military so they can dominate Asia with intentions to become the next world superpower. America, by buying many Chinese products and borrowing heavily from China is funding these projects to her own detriment. How and when this will all play out leading up to the actual end times is hard to tell, but it's certain we are closer to the return of Christ today than when we first believed!
  13. All Preachers Should Have A Conceal Weapon Permit

    Indeed, in context the whole point of the swords (which according to those who know Greek say were actually more like large knives or daggers) was so Jesus could rebuke Peter and further illustrate such actions are not right. Otherwise two swords would not have been enough if such were needed for actual defense or taking the offense. Throughout Acts and the Epistles we read of Christians willingly suffering being wronged, whether for their faith or simply at the hands of criminals, without fighting against such. The historical record of early Christians bears out the same as one of the hallmarks of Christians was their refusal to fight, refusal to engage in violent resistance. To our natural minds these things seem difficult, harsh, even wrong, but as Christ called us to a radically different reality we should not be surprised by such. While we tend to think of our life and the lives of our loved ones here on earth of being a high priority, the spiritual reality can be very different. Christ taught if someone robs from us, give them a little extra. If they kidnap us and force us to go a mile with them willingly go another mile, if they strike us don't strike back; pray for our enemies, give our enemies food and drink. These are direct teachings from Christ. While these are contrary to our natural thinking, we can rest assured that God will always use our obedience in such matters for His good purposes.
  14. There are many things on that list! I agree with you regarding the difficulty of using this sight after the latest upgrade and I miss the fellowship here very much. Many of the things on the list are not all that noteworthy as they have occurred for centuries in one manner or another. Recently there was a report on earthquakes which showed there are no more earthquakes per year than is normal. Dominate currencies have changed many times as things in the world change. The only reason the American dollar came to dominate is because after WWII America was the only major nation not heavily damaged and in debt because of the war. Things have changed drastically since then in that America is now extremely deep in debt, her manufacturing base is gone, her population has greatly changed and is poised to continue such. Many nations are looking for the next best place to put their trust in money as America's financial house is no longer secure or trustworthy. Muslims have been at war with Europe, Christians and non-Muslims in general virtually since the invention of Islam. Just a hundred years ago Islam still held large portions of Europe they had taken through war. It was WW One which changed that. Today they use immigration and high birth rates to try and dominate and conquer "Christian Europe" for allah. In many cases the "God" that was in some of America's public schools was secular/cultural in nature, rather than biblical. The liturgical prayers were the same. Like every "Christian" nation before her, America is turning her back not only upon God, but even upon the secular/cultural aspects of Christianity that once helped unify the people. Meanwhile, in other parts of the world Christianity is spreading, growing deeper roots, and Christians are living for the Lord. Many of the things listed above are seeming to be growing worse here, but not in other parts of the world. When considering Scripture in the light of what's going on should we look only at what's happening in America or the world as a whole? That makes a big difference in how things look. No doubt, all things taking place today will be used of God to bring about His perfect will, which includes His plan for the end times. Whether God's end time plans may kick into gear this year, next year, a decade, century from now or whenever, we can't tell. One thing that's very important, no matter the culture we live in, we need to be determined to live for Christ no matter what. Whether the world's time is short or not, we know the lives of many are, so we need to get the Gospel to everyone. We also don't know when our time here will end so we need to be diligent to be in the Word, prayer and growth in Christ likeness. The world is a mess. Better or worse in various ways in various places. It's a fact that one day Christ will return so we should live as if He may return today while also living as if He may not return in our lifetime.
  15. Alternative Method for Finding New Content on OB

    I've been doing this but it still seems I must be missing something. It's also difficult that when I click on unread content and see something new, when I click that it takes me to the beginning of the thread rather than to the latest post I've not read. That means having to go to the end of the thread and then backtrack to wherever new postings have begun. This new upgrade isn't user friendly and I greatly miss the interaction and fellowship we had before. Thank you for pointing these things out to us NN!