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  1. Why King James Only?

    While I have no problem with the Geneva Bible and understand it well, the Lord directed me to use the KJB a quarter century or so ago. I've not read a 1560 Geneva Bible, but do have a 1599 Geneva Bible but the print is so small it would now be difficult for me to read from. I keep a KJB next to my chair in the front room, one on the stand next to my computer (which is also now my church Bible...had to retire the other one as the print got smaller :-) , and another next to my bed; as well as a New Testament with Psalms KJB in my car door pocket. On my Kindle Paperwhite I have downloaded a KJB specifically formatted for use on the Kindle. Those are the Bibles I read from and study daily.
  2. Grammy Blick - Eschatology Fiction

    Right there with you Mike! I read lots of fiction when younger and other than wasting time and not edifying me in any way, I don't see it as a good deal. Nearly everything I read now is of a non-fiction Christian nature. I've looked at some of the Christian fiction and for the most part, it's long on fiction and short on Bible-based Christianity. Why read fiction eschatology with so much non-biblical material it can only lead to confusion or unsound beliefs. There are many Christians today who believe so many things regarding eschatology that came from fictional books and movies, not Scripture.
  3. *waves*

  4. Free Will an Illusion?

    I've never really understood the fascination with Lewis. Overall, aspects of his theology don't agree with other aspects of his own theology. Even in areas where he got it right, I didn't see he put it forth in any overly profound way which actually elevated it above what others have said on the same matter. Amazing how many quote him and recommend his books. I'm not sure just how he became so popular, especially among more solid Christians, but it seems his popularity is now propelled as much by simply being popular as it is for what he's actually written. Considering many quote Rick Warren, Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II, it's little wonder they like to quote Lewis too.
  5. Free Will an Illusion?

    Typically with this type of research it's funded by government grants (our taxes). Most non-governmental sources of possible funding wouldn't waste their money this sort of research unless they happened to have an agenda they thought might be helped by the results.
  6. Amen Kirk.

    That is very good to hear. There are still a few churches which put forth some effort in this area but they seem to be very few. Our church has made progress in this area and we are exploring more ways of having interaction between the youth and older Christians. It's a challenge in a small rural church but worth the effort. These matters should extend beyond church activities into our weekly lives as well. We have organized family dinners, where four families meet at least once a week for dinner, friendship and fellowship. This has helped to bond many in our church closer together and open more doors for weekly interactions rather than just seeing folks at church services. We have also had times where younger ones in the church would volunteer to help some of our older members with yard work, house cleaning, minor home repair or painting. These typically involve a good amount of interaction between the young folks and the older members. Likewise we've had some success in getting some youth in the church involved in visiting the local nursing home...sharing the Gospel, reading the Bible to residents, participating in Bible studies, and spending time talking. We also try to do business among ourselves when possible which also creates stronger bonds and opportunities for interaction and sharing. Nothing like helping the person you hired to paint for you while discussing the Bible and how the Lord has worked in our lives.
  7. Free Will an Illusion?

    Unless...God specifically made some folks for the express purpose of being an example of evil in life and an example of the reward evil-doers receive in the next life. (Just adding one of the main counter-points that often comes up)
  8. Amen Kirk.

    Our culture shifted several decades ago from one which respected older folks and sought out their wisdom, to one which looks down upon older people as being out of touch, boring, wrong headed, unimportant, having nothing to say, a burden. While most churches wouldn't say such out loud, in practice they are often little different. The older folks are separated into their own classes. All that wisdom, experience, knowledge, shut off from the rest of the church. The children are separated by age and dealt with in a similar manner as public schools. The same with the youth, even to the point their classes are designed more to entertain than to train in the way of growing in maturity in Christ and as maturing into adulthood. Rather than putting away childish things and learning responsibility, how to be godly men and women, they are encouraged to hold on to their childish ways. In earlier times those in their teen years were considered young men and women. They were well transitioning or transitioned from childhood to adulthood. Today, not only are teens viewed as children, they are expected and encouraged to act like children rather than responsible young adults. Further, this now extends to those in their 20s, in many cases into the 30s. As our culture has shifted to this youth driven, current affairs obsessed way, only those beyond 40 who try to act as if they are like the youth are viewed well. The mature 50 year old is seen as a backward nobody while the childish 50 year old who went into debt buying a new sports car, blaring the latest rap or pop hit from his car while dressed in the latest style is seen as more relevant. Sad so many churches follow this model. I saw a bulletin for a church that had moved into a new building. In the bulletin they called attention to their classes and groups for children, tweens, teens, youth, college age, singles, divorced, senior citizens, quilters, etc. While there may be some merit to some, if done in a Bible manner, what all this reveals is more division rather than drawing together as family in Christ. Imagine a mature man of God training and instructing teen males from the Bible rather than the young, kind of cool guy trying to entertain the teens while slipping in some Bible here and there. Imagine our teen girls being trained and instructed by mature women who live for the Lord. It seems too much of the worlds ways and the modern culture influence our church operations more than biblical instruction. I know I certainly could have benefited from Bible instruction from mature men of God in my younger days. Even in my 50s I value that which I may receive from the older men of God who have so much to share.
  9. I guess I'm one of the audience so thank you for speaking directly to us.
  10. Free Will an Illusion?

    Prior to seeing this article I was unaware there was such a scientific interest in the subject. The interest stretches from scientific philosophy to medical brain function. I actually came across several articles with various scientists testing the case of whether free will is fact or fiction. What I discovered from those articles is what is often discovered in scientific inquiries into new frontiers: the scientists are all over the map on the subject! Some believe they see certain proof for free will or against free will. Others fall somewhere in between with a view that some of our actions we have no free will over while others we do. As one scientist pointed out, for the average person at this moment it wouldn't make a difference if we (scientists) suddenly proved beyond a doubt humans do or don't have free will. People would still be living as they are now regardless. Naturally, in terms of broader implications, a proof positive for or against free will could have far reaching effects in the future...especially if it was found that free will doesn't exist. While these scientific endeavors are somewhat interesting, they are not near as interesting as what the Bible has to say. Now I'll have to contemplate twinkies and whether that big meal I had last night was consumed of my own free will or if I had no choice in the matter. Hmmmm...maybe I was just hungry...or was I???
  11. Free Will an Illusion?

    Free will could all be an illusion, scientists suggest after study that shows choice could just be the brain tricking itself Research adds to evidence suggesting 'even our most seemingly ironclad beliefs about our own agency and conscious experience can be dead wrong' The idea that human beings trick themselves into believing in free will was laid out in a paper by psychologists Dan Wegner and Thalia Wheatley nearly 20 years ago. They proposed the feeling of wanting to do something was real, but there may be no connection between the feeling and actually doing it. The new study builds on that work and says that the brain rewrites history when it makes its choices, changing our memories so that we believe we wanted to do something before it happened. “Whatever the case may be,” they write, “our studies add to a growing body of work suggesting that even our most seemingly ironclad beliefs about our own agency and conscious experience can be dead wrong.” The work is published in the journal Psychological Science. Entire article:
  12. Amen Kirk.

    True. Most churches today follow the worldly model of separating children through young adults into their own groups where often they receive little real Bible training, and certainly not the kind spoken of in Scripture. Just as modern culture trains children, youth, even adults to cling to childish ways, so many of our churches do the same. In many churches the only way older folks get good attention is if they try to act "cool". Then, once church is over most in the church go their separate ways, often not seeing one another again until the next church service. There are very few churches which have older men training and instructing the boys, youth and young men how to be saved, grow in Christ, how to mature and become a responsible, adult Christian man. Likewise on the female side.
  13. Part of the problem comes from the demand pastors have a degree from a Christian university or seminary. As most here know, most of these schools today range from off in some areas, to weak, watered down or outright secular in nature. Very few strive to actually teach sound doctrine, make sure they hire only teachers and professors who hold to and teach sound doctrine. Thus we have most pastors having been trained in such schools and bringing that into their churches, passing it on to their congregations, and then the next generation takes that with them when they attend a likely even worse university than their pastor attended. Along with the tide of demanding certain degrees from prospective pastors, many churches have cut off any chance of someone within their own church the Lord has called to preach from having any encouragement or chance from their church. I've seen men called to preach, who clearly had the gift and ability to preach, rejected and even fought against because they didn't have a degree to hang on their wall. If the survey indicates about a third of pastors don't believe in a literal rapture, the positive side is that about two-thirds do believe in a literal rapture. I was hopeful perhaps the RSS feeds we get from LifeWay might have one coming with the details of this survey which we could examine more closely. Given the context, it seems "the rest" would be in reference to end times matters, not the Bible as a whole. We should be very thankful for the remaining sound churches and pastors, giving them all due support even as we pray for and attempt to help others that we can.
  14. Amen Kirk.

    Even in churches, Christian schools, Christian homes, (and we see it here too) radical feminism, Hollywood manliness and other secular views infect or even dominate the teaching and upbringing. Several decades ago John R. Rice warned about women who were bossy wives, short haired and unsubmissive. At the same time many warnings went forth of men taking on a secular macho persona or a more feminine, softer demeanor. We have very little from-the-Bible training and instruction for our children, youth, young men and women or the congregation as a whole. Most of our churches separate people based upon age, these groups are often isolated from the rest and receive whatever instruction they get from one or two others. Where is the biblical mandate for older, mature in Christ men and women to be instructing the boys and girls, youth, young men and women, those needing discipleship? Where is the biblical mandate for men to hold the leadership positions, to actually lead and teach? Where are the older, mature in Christ women instructing the younger women to love their husbands, rightly train their children and fulfill their godly role in life? How about the men?
  15. Who said anything about moral relativism? Nobody has a lock on every aspect of the end times. Regardless of the particular view a Christian holds, there is not a 100% agreed upon consensus on every aspect. There are questions as to just what this or that point may mean, or the timing. There is also the fact every Christian, including pastors, grow, learn, mature at different rates and in different areas over the course of a lifetime. A pastors understanding, and therefore view, of end times matters may change many times over the years whether it be by a matter of a few degrees here and there or from one view to another. Nearly every Jew, from the most learned Bible (OT) teachers and leaders to the common man and those in-between thought they had an understanding of the First Coming of Christ but they were wrong in many aspects. There are many fine men of God here on OB and even where most are in basic agreement on end-times matters there are differences. Concluding this is due to some engaging in moral relativism and/or accepting a view from Satan doesn't fit. What pastor perfectly understands, knows and proclaims every point of Scripture from beginning to end? None.