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    John81 got a reaction from swathdiver in Last one to post in this thread wins   
    I was saved in September 1981. It's amazing to look back over the years and notice the hand of God in my life.
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    John81 got a reaction from swathdiver in Tips For Single Christian Ladies On Courtship And Love   
    Prayer. Take this to the Lord in prayer continually. That, plus the patience you mentioned, are the most important. One of the biggest problems many Christians have is a lack of patience, especially here in America. This too often leads to going outside God's will and grabbing the first person they can.

    The Lord knows how to bring the right two people together, and at the right time.
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    John81 got a reaction from Alan in Revelation chapter 19-22 Study.   
    ​I would think any, or eventually all, of those studies could be beneficial.
    Thank you for this study and your efforts to keep it on track and to not allow it to become derailed.
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    John81 got a reaction from BabeinChrist in Pervasive Occultism   
    Unfortunately his is something that infects the church nearly as much as the world. It's so common to hear a Christian talk about their horoscope as if it's something to pay attention to. Many Christians read those "Dear Abby" type advice columns as if the words put forth there are some sort of special revelation for life. I hear Christians talking about having seen ghosts and often when someone confronts them with reality, they want to start talking about this or that "real life" ghost show they watched about a real haunted house or something and talk about how real that is.
    For some of these people it can be easy to see how they fall into this stuff, but for so many others it's amazing how these otherwise intelligent people who have been in church for years can fall for this mess. Indeed, many are much more willing to believe in the fakery and all the paranormal than they are what Scripture says. Sadly, one reason for this is they know much more about these tools of the devil than they do of the Word of God.
    As surveys and polls continually indicate, even among professing born again believers in Christ who say they believe the Bible is the Word of God, only a very tiny percentage read their Bible at least once a month. An even smaller percentage say they read their Bible daily. For the rest, the vast majority of these Christians, they say they read the Bible a couple times a year or not at all. From my own experiences this seems to be accurate.
    We are going to believe and follow what we feed our minds. If we are not feeding upon the Word of God regularly, we are feeding upon something else and that's where we will be moving towards.
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    John81 got a reaction from BabeinChrist in What is Spiritual Warfare?   
    "Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?" 1 John 5:5
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    John81 got a reaction from BabeinChrist in Baptist Church Sign Heresies   
    Our church only has a small sign, with room for the service times and such.
    Like NN, I really wonder if some who put up the "witty" sayings on their signs even bother to think about what they put up. Considering the false belief that if one is "good enough" they will go to heaven, it's so dangerous to put up a sign which gives the idea that if one "lives right" they will go to heaven.
    Many people who won't bother to step inside a church will yet read church signs as they drive by. If Scripture or at least something scriptural can't be put forth, leave the sign blank rather than helping the devil with promoting false hope.
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    John81 got a reaction from BabeinChrist in Baptist Church Sign Heresies   
    I see these sorts of signs fairly often too. In an effort to be clever or cute, they wind up putting forth that which is false.
    If the saying can't be put forth in a clever or cute way and still be biblical, better to simply put up a message that's biblical.
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    John81 got a reaction from BabeinChrist in No need to Go To Prison___Gay Wedding Vows   
    There are indeed churches which have active sodomite members, but that's totally against Scripture. Other churches are heading in that direction as they have active adulterous members that's totally against Scripture, but they refuse to initiate church discipline. Other churches are so intent upon showing themselves to be pro-women elevate divorced women to positions of leadership and set their churches on course for ruin. All of these are conducting themselves in opposition to Scripture.
    Many pastors will marry anyone just so they can increase their income. That's wrong and should serve as a sign the church needs to correct their pastor or get a new one.
    We should all thank God for those pastors and churches which refuse to compromise in performing marriages for the sake of popularity or money.
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    John81 got a reaction from Alan in Titus   
    Another problem area in most churches which needs addressed.
    Today there is often the argument of who are "young men"? When the epistle was written, and for nearly 20 centuries afterward, those in what we call their "teens" were considered young men. In today's youth worshiping culture that's no longer the case and this has greatly impacted churches. Even in many churches today the idea of being a child practically until out of high school and then still being considered a youth until well into their 20s or 30s is all too common.
    I've noticed over the past several years many ads for IFB youth camps, retreats and events have taken on a look similar to that of worldly ads for those age groups in that they highlight youthfulness, youthful play, excitement, adventure. Anything regarding Christ, salvation, growth in the Lord, Bible study, prayer, are all in the small print, if mentioned at all in the ads.
    As mentioned previously, it's difficult these days to get mature men in Christ involved with the youth or young men of a church. Some churches even heavily segregate most of the congregation, likely with good intentions but also with some bad consequences. There are groups for "seniors", women's groups, married women groups, single women groups, a men's group that's often more older men, etc. While there can be a place for some of these, such shouldn't come at the expense of separating the boys and young men from the older men.
    Seeing some of the problems we can know what needs to be done but how do we get it done?
    When do we start expecting boys to start acting like young men? How do we get the older men to stop pretending they are 17 or 21 and "cool"? How do we get both groups to take their God given roles seriously?
    Then, how do we get the church moms to agree their "precious little baby boys" (13-18+) should be trained to be young men, be putting childish things behind, taking on more and more adult attitudes, manners and responsibilities? In some cases even the dads have problems in this area.
    Should a high school aged Sunday school or youth group be much more like the pre-high school groups or the adult groups?
    How do we instruct the young men in our churches to be godly young men while treating them like larger sized children?
    Even with my own children it's been a tough job because they would get one message at home (along the biblical lines in this study) but would get contrary messages everywhere else; often even in church. I actually had a neighbor accuse me of child abuse because my two sons, about 7 and 12 at the time, were helping me rake leaves in our yard! That's how many think these days, even in our churches.
    I'm 100% for parents and churches instructing, training and bringing up children and young men and women in accord with Scripture. This should be a natural extension of helping to lead our children to salvation in Christ and discipleship.
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    John81 got a reaction from eswarden in Why King James Only?   
    ​The Lord deals with His people according to His perfect wisdom and timing. I was a follower of Christ for nearly a decade before the Lord brought the matter of a Bible version to my attention. One day, as clear as can be, the Holy Ghost directed me to the KJB, and I wasn't even considering the matter at the time. Even so, the direction was so clear I got a KJB and the Word opened to me like never before and I've used the KJB ever since.
    I know some fine men of God who use other Bible versions, some of which I find so watered down and/or hard to understand it's amazing to me they can walk with God so closely using them. All things are possible with God! The Bible they use is, ultimately, between them and God. I'll share with them how the Lord directed me. I'll share with them some of the ways I've found the KJB to be superior to the NIV (or whatever version they use). I'll show them resources or share web links on the subject. At that point, it's still between them and God. I certainly won't dismiss them as unbelievers when they exhibit the fruits of salvation.
    The Bible one reads from doesn't prove, or make, them a true or false believer. Just as there are many true believers who don't use the KJB, there are also many false believers who do use the KJB. Our salvation is by grace through faith in Christ alone.
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    John81 got a reaction from eswarden in Patriotism   
    Growing up in a very rural, small town there wasn't any hippies or war protestors around here. Thankfully I was spared from being dosed with much liberal propaganda from that era until I was much older and able to rightly evaluate it.
    The veterans in this town, from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, (and later the other wars) were always respected, equally accepted and equally honored.
    America isn't perfect, isn't the greatest nation in every category (more-so back then than now), but America is my home, the land of my birth, the nation both sides of my family have called home for generations, and I love America no matter how many warts she's developed.
    Our neighbor lost both his legs to "friendly fire" in Vietnam. He could have been bitter, could have blamed America for spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair, but he chose not to. He didn't agree with everything involving that war but he proudly served and never shied away from proclaiming himself as a Vietnam veteran. He died several years ago and his son now lives in his former home.
    I'm not sure what the above references to Israel have to do with the topic of America and Vietnam, but I've been a "fan" of and supporter of Israel since I was a young child. That's never changed, not even when I had several very anti-Semitic friends in university for a few years.
    Every nation will one day be judged by the Lord. The best we can do in the meantime is do what we can to help as many people as possible come to Christ.
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    John81 got a reaction from eswarden in Church Covenants: Yes or No?   
    What were the requirements to join the church exampled in Scripture?
    From what I've noticed, without doing an exhaustive study at this time, there were only two requirements.
    Being saved (born again), followed by baptism, added to the church.
    After being added to the church members received preaching, teaching and instruction (as well as examples) of what they should know, how they should live, etc.
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    John81 got a reaction from eswarden in Why King James Only?   
    That "stood the test of time" is a very important factor and one that most KJB detractors have a difficult time trying to deal with. That's why they will most often ignore and steer clear of the 400 year track record of success only the KJB has and instead argue that the language is "archaic" and "nOBody can understand it".
    Interesting to consider that young children used to learn to read using the KJB but today it's claimed neither high school or college graduates can understand the KJB. I would say that's an indictment against the education system, not the KJB.
    I see now they are promoting the MEV as being the newest and best Bible today. That's the same thing they said previously about the ESV, NIV and so many others. How long before yet another MV is deemed necessary for the sake of publishers profits?
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    John81 got a reaction from ldonjohn in Salvation Confusion   
    Biblical repentance isn't a turning from sin(s) per se, it's a turning away from a life against God to a life of believing and following God. Biblical repentance is about turning from doing things our own way to accepting Christ as Saviour and Lord.
    In so doing there is a repentance of sin but it's not turning from specific sins such as gossip or adultery that saves; it's the repentance of turning from self to God and accepting His free gift of salvation that sets us in right standing with the Lord.
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    John81 got a reaction from eswarden in The King James Only Controversy by James White   
    This is the typical approach of those who seek discredit the KJB. First, they claim to like the KJB, often claiming it's a good translation, but from that point on virtually everything they say contradicts their opening claim. How can they believe the KJB is a good translation which they like if they find it to be filled with flaws and additions of men?
    The claims of the "obvious additions" are constantly stated as if fact yet no facts are presented to support this claim. Supposition and speculation is all they have. As pointed out above, often the only basis they have for claims of latter additions to the manuscripts is because they don't think a particular verse makes sense to them. If they encounter a portion of writing in other works they can't grasp how it fits there do they believe someone else added it to that writing at a later date?
    In arguing the KJB contains non-inspired verses they are saying the KJB is flawed and therefore unreliable, whether they admit it or not. As well, by pointing to one or more MVs as being accurate where they claim the KJB to be inaccurate they are in effect claiming the MVs to be superior to the KJB. Taken to its ultimate conclusion their claims can only lead to the position that the KJB is not the inspired Word of God but a man polluted text while their preferred MVs, which they claim get things right, must be the actual inspired Word of God. (Unless, of course, they happen to be of those who claim none of our translations are the preserved Word of God. In that case, they claim the KJB is a lesser translation while their MVs are closer to the pure Word of God.)
    In their attacks against the KJB they conveniently ignore their MVs don't agree with one another, often to the point of great contradiction, and therefore their MVs (at the least many of them) must be flawed themselves.
    It's clear authors such as this have the intent of disparaging of the KJB coupled with the the promotion of MVs based upon their own "reasoning" alone; no facts involved.
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    John81 got a reaction from Genevanpreacher in 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:   
    Your view of this makes me sad. The God of Scripture is active in our lives today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow.
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    John81 got a reaction from 19DuggarFan in Hebrews 6   
    Which would be false teaching. Hebrews 6 isn't talking about the saved losing salvation; which is impossible.
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    John81 got a reaction from Alan in Salvation Confusion   
    Acts 20:21 is very clear regarding the importance of repentance and the focal point of repentance.
    "Testifying both to the Jews, and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ." Acts 20:21
    This verse also makes it clear Paul preached the Gospel to both Jews and Gentiles, the very same Gospel to both, and those who claim otherwise are in error.
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    John81 got a reaction from MountainChristian in New Testament Passages on Persecution   
    Amen! Nothing about strapping up and trying to kill the persecutors.
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    John81 got a reaction from Genevanpreacher in The Rapture cannot take place at the end of the 7 year tribulation period   
    These are some good discussions. I've heard some of these points mixed in with pre, mid, and post-trib views. There seem to be many ways to consider some of these points and how they actually fit, what the timeline of end-time events is, whether Scripture presents them in order or not, how much of the puzzle are we given, what is withheld from us, and even right down to just what do certain words mean.
    A few years ago, maybe several now, a ministry moved from a pre-trib to mid-trib position. The pastor laid out how in his prayer time and time in the Word on the matter he came to believe the Bible actually puts forth a mid-trib, not a pre-trib rapture. Very briefly there was some good discussion between him and pre-trib folks but it quickly descended into the pre-trib folks launching personal attacks and accusations. That pastors ministry suffered much, but he held to what he believed the Lord had shown him. Unfortunately the attacks (not attempts to teach, help, restore or such) was so terrible he ended public discussion of the matter. Many were turned away by his switch in positions and many more were turned away by the nature of the attacks by the pre-trib supporters.
    Very sad. I believe if the open, civil, seemingly sincere attempts to come to biblical truth which were coming from all involved at first had continued there could have been much edification.
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    John81 got a reaction from dmedicinus in ‘Hip’ Church Gives Biblical Christians New Label: ‘Hater’   
    Those Christians who have tried to live biblically have long and often been denounced and persecuted, even by other Christians (both secular and actual).
    The popular Christianity in America today is the non-judgmental, human rights focused, social gospel centered type. These Christians demand a Christianity where God isn't judging them by the things they don't want to be judged on, yet they declare God is judging those who don't agree with their religious, political and social views and agendas.
    These are the Christians ready to accept women pastors, open homosexuals, even open homosexual pastors, convenient to them definitions of love and family, sexual freedom, feminism and such. They see themselves as above actual Bible believing Christians because they consider themselves to be more enlightened, tolerant and caring. After all, they accept open homosexuals as normal and even wonderful; they promote he welfare state in the name of helping the poor, they believe they can make the world a better place through their own efforts and then all those they've helped will somehow become Christians or otherwise be "right with God" in some universal sense.
    Meanwhile they denounce Bible believing Christians as haters, judgmental, intolerant and uncaring for declaring the biblical truth that Christ is the ONLY means of salvation and those who are not born again in Christ will be cast into hell...for declaring there is such a thing as sin and such must be turned from, even those things some people don't want to admit are sins (such as homosexuality, premarital sex, shacking up, etc.)...and because we point out the biblical command to help the poor is given to individual Christians, not to governments.
    Our biggest enemy, and the greatest tool against us by others, will be secular and biblically ignorant Christians who will target us while believing they are serving God by doing so.
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    John81 got a reaction from MountainChristian in New Testament Passages on Persecution   
    Amen! Nothing about strapping up and trying to kill the persecutors.
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    John81 got a reaction from ldonjohn in Salvation Confusion   
    Following the biblical plan of salvation is indeed easy. Those who use the term "easy believism" are referring to the practice of presenting a watered down message and then prodding or pushing someone to repeat a "sinners prayer" and telling them that's all they have to do to be sure of heaven. In these cases there is typically no true, biblical understanding of sin, salvation, Christ or the biblical Gospel by those who repeat the "sinners prayer" (which is so often held forth more as a magic incantation than anything real).
    Praise God true, biblical salvation is easy. That's something I try to point out to those who attack Christianity claiming God wouldn't make it so hard to get to Him as Christianity does. The fact is, God made it very easy, with one Way to be right with Him. The idea that multiple ways to God and each person must find the one that's right for them is somehow easier is ridiculous.
    The Gospel is simple. Any difficulty is within us as we consider whether to follow the leading of the Spirit or our own flesh.
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    John81 got a reaction from ldonjohn in Salvation Confusion   
    A saved person can commit any sin an unsaved person can commit. A saved person can backslide and get caught up in some false religion just the same as a lost person can get caught up in such. The difference is, for the saved person the Holy Ghost will be working from within to restore them, turning them from error back to truth.
    It shouldn't be, but especially here in America this isn't all that uncommon.
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    John81 got a reaction from ldonjohn in Salvation Confusion   
    Biblical repentance isn't a turning from sin(s) per se, it's a turning away from a life against God to a life of believing and following God. Biblical repentance is about turning from doing things our own way to accepting Christ as Saviour and Lord.
    In so doing there is a repentance of sin but it's not turning from specific sins such as gossip or adultery that saves; it's the repentance of turning from self to God and accepting His free gift of salvation that sets us in right standing with the Lord.