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  1. Church Directory

    How do I edit church info for a church that I added to the directory?
  2. Question For Matt Or Any Moderators

    Works perfectly!! Thanks Matt!!
  3. Question For Matt Or Any Moderators

    IFB Biblical Issues and IFB Lounge. Here is a screen shot of what I get.   ← Go Back Sorry, you cannot apply. Your primary group Accepted: Validating, Members. Advanced Member Your age 44 Your Warning level 0 Posts 218 Joined 29-November 05 Your reputation points 15 Queued messages No Infos You do not meet our minimal requirements. If you think this is an error, contact an administrator. Powered by Applications System, by IPBlounge
  4. I know that it has been a while since I have activly participated in the forums, but whenever i apply to seek permission to join one I keep getting denied becaise I "don't meet the minumum requirements. What are the minimum requirements? Thanks! BOB Wilson
  5. Do You Preach On Too Much Makeup Or Jewelry?

    I'm just curious myself, but when is the last time that you heard a series of messages on hell, or salvation compared to the number of messages that youhave heard about how we are to live?
  6. Churches Near Cedar Point.

    Does anyone know of any good churches near cedar point in sandusky, ohio?
  7. Unspoken

    I have a very important unspoken request that I really need to hear from the Lord about.
  8. Funeral On Tuesday...

    We know that church. The pastor's wife, Mrs. Webb, and my wife are good friends. So...will you be attending church there on Wed.? If not, come on over to North Columbus we would love to have you.
  9. Funeral On Tuesday...

    I am so sorry for your loss. We're praying for you all. Teh next time that you come to Columbus, be sure to say hi! Where about in southern, Ohio?
  10. A New Home

    They supply home loans.
  11. A New Home

    Here's an update. We need a lender! The bank that owns the house has come down $10,000.00 so far and has also included a 1 year home warranty. Please pray very hard!
  12. Finding A Job

    Praying right now.
  13. Additional Request

    Praise God! He answered the prayer!!!
  14. A New Home

    That's the place. We have 4 children and we live in a single wide 3 bedroom mobile home now. Actually i just submitted the paperwork to the USDA yesterday and our realitor wasnts to make an offer on it today so that when the morrtgage very prayerfully comes back approved we will already be set to finalize everything.
  15. Additional Request

    In addition to my request about the house that we are looking for, we also have a very serious unspoken need that desperately needs prayer. Thank you.