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  1. The Tithe, for the Church or not?

    The animal tithe was not 10%, it was every 10th animal which passed under the rod: Leviticus 27:32 And concerning the tithe of the herd, or of the flock, even of whatsoever passeth under the rod, the tenth shall be holy unto the LORD. Leviticus 27:33 He shall not search whether it be good or bad, neither shall he change it: and if he change it at all, then both it and the change thereof shall be holy; it shall not be redeemed. Animals could not be redeemed.
  2. The Tithe, for the Church or not?

    Interesting.  What scripture verse led you to this conclusion of a 5% mark-up?  Where does it say "render the rest in gold..."?
  3. The Tithe, for the Church or not?

    Amen Bro John!  The Biblical tithe was never was always agricultural and God gave that command to tithe only to the children of Israel (Leviticus 27:30-34; Psalms 147:19-20).  The Levites (sons of Levi) were the only people who were authorized to receive/take the Levitical tithes because they (the sons of Levi) had no inheritance ....the tithe was their inheritance (Numbers 18:20-26). So when did God change the Levitical tithe from agricultural to monetary?  Our biblical guideline for giving is grace, not compulsion or coercion. 2 Corinthians 9:7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.  
  4. The Widow's Mites

    Let's quote the account of the Widow's Mite from Luke's gospel: Luke 20:46 Beware of the scribes, which desire to walk in long robes, and love greetings in the markets, and the highest seats in the synagogues, and the chief rooms at feasts; Luke 20:47 Which devour widows' houses, and for a shew make long prayers: the same shall receive greater damnation. Luke 21:1 And he looked up, and saw the rich men casting their gifts into the treasury. Luke 21:2 And he saw also a certain poor widow casting in thither two mites. Luke 21:3 And he said, Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all: Luke 21:4 For all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God: but she of her penury (husteresis) hath cast in all the living that she had. The word "penury" in verse 4 of Chapter 21 is the same Greek word as the word "want" in Mark 12:44--husteresis Strong's Greek Dictionary 5304. υστερησις husteresis Search for G5304 in KJVSL υστερησις husteresis hoos-ter'-ay-sis a falling short, i.e. (specially), penury:—want. Webster's 1828 Dictionary [K-Z] penury PEN'URY, n. L. penuria, from Gr. needy. Want of property; indigence; extreme poverty. All innocent they were exposed to hardship and penury. ****************************************** The word "want" (husteresis) is also found in Philippians 4:11: Philippians 4:11 Not that I speak in respect of want (husteresis): for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. Therefore, the word "want" in Mark 12:44 does not mean "desire"....nor is there any indication in the text that the widow had a desire to give. BTW, the poor widow was not "tithing"....she was giving.  The Biblical tithe was never money.
  5. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    Genesis 15:1 After these things the word of the LORD came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward. Genesis 15:2 And Abram said, Lord GOD, what wilt thou give me, seeing I go childless, and the steward of my house is this Eliezer of Damascus? Genesis 15:3 And Abram said, Behold, to me thou hast given no seed: and, lo, one born in my house is mine heir. Genesis 15:4 And, behold, the word of the LORD came unto him, saying, This shall not be thine heir; but he that shall come forth out of thine own bowels shall be thine heir. Genesis 15:5 And he brought him forth abroad, and said, Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them: and he said unto him, So shall thy seed be. Genesis 15:6 And he believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness. ---------- Romans 4:1 What shall we say then that Abraham our father, as pertaining to the flesh, hath found? Romans 4:2 For if Abraham were justified by works, he hath whereof to glory; but not before God. Romans 4:3 For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness. God counted Abram’s belief in the LORD for RIGHTEOUSNESS. It really never says that Abraham was saved…but counted as “righteous”. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How is the Term Israel Used in the New Testament? Covenant and reformed theologians believe that New Testament believers, including saved Gentiles, are the true Israel of God. Is it really Biblical to refer to Gentile believers as Israelites? Has God created a “new Israel” that is composed of believing Jews and Gentiles of this present age? Let us search the Scriptures to see if these things be so. We will examine the 73 times in the New Testament where the term “Israel” is used. How does the New Testament use this term? Is it ever used of the church in general or saved Gentiles in particular? The following article is taken from the book Israelology–the Missing Link in Systematic Theology, by Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum. It is used with his permission. CONCLUSION For Dispensational Israelology, the conclusion is that the Church is never called, and is not, a “spiritual Israel” or a “new Israel.” The term “Israel” is either used of the nation or the people as a whole, or of the believing remnant within. It is never used of the Church in general or of Gentile believers in particular. The Israel of God of Galatians 6:16  
  6. Through The Bible One Verse At A Time

    Exodus 13:6 Seven days thou shalt eat unleavened bread, and in the seventh day shall be a feast to the LORD.  
  7. Through The Bible One Verse At A Time

    Exodus 13:3 And Moses said unto the people, Remember this day, in which ye came out from Egypt, out of the house of bondage; for by strength of hand the LORD brought you out from this place: there shall no leavened bread be eaten.  
  8. Things Guaranteed by God at the Instant of Regeneration

    THE BELIEVER'S RICHES IN CHRIST FROM A TO Z Accepted in the beloved (Ephesians 1:6) Born of God (1 John 5:1) Crucified with Christ (Galatians 2:20) Delivered from the power of darkness (Colossians 1:13) Enriched in everything in Him (1 Corinthians 1:5) Forgiven for Christ's sake (Ephesians 4:32) Grounded in love (Ephesians 3:17) Hid with Christ (Colossians 3:3) Instructed in the way of the Lord (Acts 18:25) Justified by His grace (Titus 3:7) Kept by the power of God (1 Peter 1:5) Led by the Spirit of God (Romans 8:14) Made nigh by the Spirit of God (Romans 8:14) Nourished in the words of faith (1 Timothy 4:6) Ordained to eternal life (Acts 13:48) Perfected forever (Hebrews 10:14) Quickened together with Christ (Ephesians 2:5) Redeemed from the curse of the law (Galatians 3:13) Sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise (Ephesians 1:13) Translated into the kingdom of His dear Son (Colossians 1:13) Unreproveable in His sight (Colossians 1:22) Victorious through our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:57) Washed from our sins in his own blood (Revelation 1:5) Yearned over by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:26)  Zealous of good works (Titus 2:14)
  9. Curiosity

    Eternal life begins at salvation.  If you believe that eternal life starts at death, then you have a sorry belief with no assurance of salvation. John 3:15 That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him. John 17:3 And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. 1 John 5:11 And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 1 John 5:12 He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life. 1 John 5:13 These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God. A saved person is "in Christ" ....As soon as a sinner receives Christ, he possesses full, unending salvation. To have Christ is to have a secure position before God.
  10. Curiosity

    Ephesians 1:12 That we should be to the praise of his glory, who first trusted in Christ. Ephesians 1:13 In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise, Ephesians 1:14 Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory. Eternal Security and Problem Passages   2002.12.03.A_Eternal_Security_1_-_David_Cloud_-_121902101120.mp3
  11. Through The Bible One Verse At A Time

    Exodus 12:18 In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month at even, ye shall eat unleavened bread, until the one and twentieth day of the month at even.
  12. I believe that Marc Monte preached those messages in 2007-2008.  Some of those messages were excellent exopositions on Isaiah 53...but I can't remember which ones they are.  He also did another series called God's GPS, which are messages on the Olivet Discourse.  Those were more recent. (2013-2014).  Here's the link to the first of 13 messages of God's GPS: God's GPS: A Map to Future Events, Part 1
  13. After the Tribulation

      Amen Bro. Alan!   The sequel to this documentary, Marching To Zion, is more of the same anti-semitic rhetoric as After The Tribulation.  It would be a waste of time to watch it.
  14. Late to the Party

    I'm a "middle" kid....older brother and younger sister.
  15. After the Tribulation

    The entire 7 year period of tribulation (aka Daniel's 70th week--Dainiel 9:24-27 and Time of Jacob's Trouble) is GOD'S WRATH.  Who is opening the seal judgments in Revelation 6---man or God?  Revelation 6:1 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. The last two verses of Revelation 6 define the very beginning of this period as GOD'S  (the Lamb's) WRATH.  Revelation 6:16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: Revelation 6:17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand? The trials and tribulations Christians go through IN THIS WORLD are not the same as God's wrath during the Time of Jacob's Trouble.  This period of 7 years (Daniel's 70th Week) does not include the Church.  Hebrews 1:3 Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high; John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.