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  1. Tithing was indeed in place long before Abram gave tithes to Melchizedek. It was practiced by the ancient Babylonians more than 275 years before Abram met Melchizedek in the Valley of Shaveh. (Valley of the kings) The ancient Babylonian's would give tithes of war spoils to kings every time they were victorious in battle. In 1906, the curator of the British Museum, Charles Pinches, acquired two clay tablets etched in cuneiform. The tablets were dated 2200 BC, and depicted ancient Babylonians, victorious in war, giving tithes from war spoils to their king. Abram, having lived previously in Ur of the Chaldees, a country in the region of ancient Babylonia, would have been well aware of the practice. Interestingly, when the children of Israel destroyed the enemies of God upon entering the land of Canaan, they were not told to tithe the spoils of war. They were told to destroy most of the spoils, but to take 100% of the silver and gold, and the vessels of brass and iron, to the Tabernacle.
  2. Linda and I watched the movie "Seven Deadly Words" (2013) on Pure Flix. Pastor Evan Bennett endeavors to heal a broken community. Two thumbs up.
  3. Per the request of one Shannon McWhorter on her FB page,  (she told me to drop you this hint) ... You have an amazing wife.

    Read the moth picture. (she didn't tell me to tell you this part)

    1. No Nicolaitans

      No Nicolaitans

      LOL! Thanks...yes, I do have an amazing wife. Unfortunately, I can't see the picture since I'm no longer on Facebook. I'll have to get her to show it to me. Thanks brother!

    2. Standing Firm In Christ

      Standing Firm In Christ

      It's now just the picture you need to see.  It's the resulting conversation.  LoL

  4. Thus far, my books have been focused on God's holy tithe. I do have another that I will be publishing in the near future on poetry and songs that I have written over the last four decades. promotion of my books has been through readers of my blog and Facebook, Twitter, and word of mouth.
  5. I am also from Mississippi. (Cleveland). I, too, have a passion for writing. I have published three of my books through . They are in association with, and the books are available in other countries. Royalties are deposited directly in my bank account. .35¢ per book. Amazon just deposited $20 in my account from sales last month.
  6. Can't find my copy. Found a couple ceremonies on google though. (RSV verses can be replaced with KJV)
  7. Been so long since I used my Broadman's Ministers Manual. If I can find it, I will scan the wedding ceremony.
  8. Please pray for OB Member Michael Sherrod. He and his wife's home caught fire and they are now living with their daughter.
  9. U CNN reported a couple days ago that Cruz dropped out.
  10. CNN just reported that Kasich dropped out.
  11. Saw "Unstoppable" on Netflix a couple nights back. Huge disappointment. Kirk Cameron was speaking at one point in the movie of the flood that destroyed the Earth. He said that the bow that God set in the clouds was God's weapon of war. Just as a soldier hangs his weapon when ceasing from war, God hung His bow in the clouds to signify His war against the Earth was over. Or something to that effect. His argument seemed to hinge upon the fact that everywhere bow or bows was mentioned in the Old Testament, except Genesis 9, it was speaking of weapons. So God must have been speaking of a weapon in Genesis as well. So, the bow was not a rainbow, but a weapon? Really?
  12. If man has no free will, then God is unjust. The free will argument reminds me of the Chronicles of Narnia. Aslan was the righteous. Tash was the wicked. When Tash got killed, Aslan rewarded him with entrance into the Kingdom. He said Tash had accomplished what he was created to do. Sounds like universalism. However, it demonstrates that there must be free will between God and man. Otherwise, man who is wicked should be accepted of the Father for accomplishing what God wanted him to do. If man has no free will over his actions, then it would be wrong for God to punish man for his actions. Yet, Matthew 25:46 states the wicked shall go away into everlasting punishment.
  13. Elephants in the circus sideshow tent are chained to a three foot metal stake which is hammered in the ground. They are exposed to the chain from their youth. As as a youth, the elephant pulls constantly on the chain, trying to get away. As it gets older, the elephant resigns itself to the belief that it can never escape that chain,... even though it could easily snap the chain as an adult and escape captivity if it tried. Like the elephant in a circus sideshow tent with a chain on its back leg that has come to the conclusion that being held captive by that chain is his fate, many people have been conditioned to believe a lie that they must keep part, or all, of the Law that was never meant for them. Because they hear the lies from the pulpit so much, and because they have concluded that the man in the pulpit is telling the truth, they have concluded that they must keep The Law in order to obtain Grace.
  14. Here is how I explain the fulfillment of the Law,... Covenant: A Contract that brings about a relationship of commitment between two parties. In rhe first part of Matthew 5:17, Jesus said, “Think not that I am come to abolish the Law or the Prophets.” Many will quote this and then will go into a tirade that basically says, “See, the Mosaic Law has not been abolished and must be observed and kept.” These people fail to understand the last part of Matthew 5:17, which says, “but to fulfil.” The Law was part of the Old Covenant. Jesus came to fulfil the Law. Anyone who has entered into a Covenant knows that once a Covenant is fulfilled, it is no longer binding. Example: You go to a car dealership in hopes of purchasing a car. In order to acquire the car, you enter a Covenant with the Dealership to make payments of $259 dollars a month for 5 years. When you fulfil the Covenant you entered, the Dealership gives you the title to your car. When the Covenant has been fulfilled and the title is legally in your possession, you do not continue to send the Dealership payments of $259. Why not? Because, with the Covenant being fulfilled, you are no longer obligated to make payments to the Dealership. It is the same with the commands written in the Old Covenant. The 613 commands, statutes and torts were written in the Old Covenant. Jesus Himself said that He came to fulfil that unit of commandments. Was Jesus lying when He said He came to fulfil? Not at all! We have many texts that reveal that Jesus completed the task He came to do. One such example can be found in John 19:30, which records the words of Jesus Christ in His final hour on the cross, saying: “It is finished.” We also have the words of His servant Paul in Ephesians 2:14-15 & Colossians 2:14. In these two texts, we read that Jesus took the ordinances and nailed them to His cross. He abolished the commandments through His flesh. The Covenant was fulfilled. There is no more an obligation to keep them. They are not binding upon the New Covenant Body of Believers in Christ Jesus.