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  1. /...
  2. Burgers, fries, and frosties from Wendy's because hubby had to work late in Philly.
  3. Worn out... Have slept about 5 hours total in the past 3 days. Woke up this morning after 1 hour of sleep with contractions. So, worn out, but excited at the same time.
  4. :wvlf" I feel so happy because the autumn weather is so invigorating! :pmpkn:
  5. Happy! The Obsetrician appointment went well. :)
  6. Uncles- Tom, Walter, Art Aunts- Charlotte Cousins- Katie, John, Zack, Penny, Nancy, Paul, Naomi, Tammy, Rick, Eric, Shane, Barbara, Deborah, Chad (and their spouses/children) Father-in-law- Mustafa Mother-in-law- Amy Sister-in-law- Sandy (and her boyfriend, Luke) Brother-in-law- Shady And a friend who has been on my heart lately- Jenn Thank you for joining me in prayer for these people.
  7. Roast beef sandwiches on Italian Herb and cheese bread topped with carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, tomato, onion, olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper. Grapes Raw veggies We're leaving for Canada tonight so I have to make something quick.
  8. Neat idea. I got up! Hooray! Clipped coupons Went to CVS where I saved $25.51 on my order plus got $9.00 off my next purchase there! Went to Weis to grocery shop where I saved $16.05 on my order. PUt away most of my groceries. Planned dinner. I still need to: Clean the kitchen, make the bed, start packing for our trip to Canada, write a blog and post my photos from this passed weekend, make dinner, call my hubby at lunchtime to tell him I love him. :)
  9. Why, Bakershaldozen, of course. Cause she's nice. If you were a Bible character which one would you be?
  10. Shepherd's Pie
  11. Blue If you were a car, what car would you be?
  12. I have no idea....I'm all burned out of ideas
  13. I'd like to bring this thread back up for comments... I been realizing the past few days that I haven't been passing out tracts as much as I used to. Seems like I get busy and forget to do it. Just wondering if anyone has some more tips for using tracts that they'd like to share.
  14. yayy Veggie fried rice
  15. Roy