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  1. Government Controlled Gas Cans

    I bought a new gas can a few months back and I guess it's one of these new ones. I hate that thing (are we allowed to hate an inanimate object?). It's a righteous hate, does that count for anything? Anyways, I digress. As others have mentioned, I spill more with this one than with any I've had before. I guess some bureaucrat somewhere, who never uses a gas can because he pays people to cut his lawn, decided it was a good idea.
  2. No Plastic Bags Allowed

    Still free here in Texas, but we do joke that plastic bags are our state flag because there are so many of them flying around stuck to trees and such. But, here it's really just trash in general. People have a mindset that it's okay to just throw their trash anywhere. It's pretty sad.
  3. new member here

  4. The Doctrine Of The Holy Trinity Is Totally Logical

    Yay, I get to be the dissenter. I disagree that it's logical. I think it's 100% illogical. I still believe it, but it's illogical. But, I accept it because I accept that God's Word is perfect, even if my imperfect, mortal mind can't comprehend the depths of who God is.
  5. If you have one practical tip you can share

  6. If you have one practical tip you can share

    It's been said that door-to-door evangelism is the least effective method. I tend to agree. BUT, that doesn't mean it's ineffective. The absolute least effective method is doing nothing at all! We've not seen a lot of success in our door-to-door efforts, but we have seen some success. We even had one family come visit after a full year of monthly visits to witness to them and leave tracts at their home. So, it can work. As for advice, I'd say be sure to complete the process. Too often we go "soul-winning" and then we leave these new converts on their own. When you do see fruit, be sure to follow up with discipleship. If you don't teach them somebody else will, and most likely they won't teach them the truth.
  7. Hello

    Hello Bro. Allen. I'm a veteran missionary currently serving on the field in Southern Texas. We completed deputation in 2 years and have been on the field for 9. If you'd like to talk about the deputation experience, or one opinion (for there are many) on how to prepare for it then feel free to shoot me a note. I'd even be happy to take the time to talk on the phone if it could be a help to you. Just send me a message and we can set something up.
  8. Hey!

    Welcome. I feel strange welcoming you since I'm almost as new as you are, but, HELLO ANYWAYS!
  9. Looking for a used bus

    I'm hoping someone on here might be able to point me in the right direction for an affordable (you can translate that as cheap/free) bus to be used in a church ministry. We have families that are interested in attending, but who lack the means to come on their own for one reason or another. We do have a single 12-passenger van which we use currently to transport folks, but it is insufficient to meet the full need. I'd love to be able to acquire something in the next 2 weeks so that we can use it for VBS. We have 30-40 kids for VBS and most of those need transportation as well. You can imagine how fun that is with a 12-passenger van! I'd prefer something like a 30-40 passenger bus. We do have 1 member with a CDL and 2 more who are willing to obtain a CDL to be able to help with driving. If we can locate more than 1 bus that's even better....lots of opportunity, just limited resources to take advantage of them! You can reply here or private message me with any leads you might have.
  10. Short Term Missions Opportunity

    Sorry about that. For some reason it added the "." at the end of the sentence to the URL. I fixed the links!
  11. Short Term Missions Opportunity

    Greetings folks! I'm a newbie here but I hope I'll find a warm welcome. My name is Aaron Freeman and I'm a veteran independent Baptist church-planting missionary serving the Lord along the Mexico border in southern Texas (on the US side). In 2018 we'll be celebrating 10 years on the field. As part of this celebration we're planning a special event called a "Border Surge". In essence, we're looking for individuals and groups to join together with us for 8 weeks (or more) of evangelistic outreaches. We don't expect any one person or group to stay all 8 weeks, of course. Rather, we are looking to host 8 separate 1-week mission trips back-to-back. We'd like to have 25 (or more - no limit) participants in each week. We realize there are very few churches that can send 25 participants by themselves and so we're expecting to combine individuals and groups from multiple churches each week. Hopefully that all makes sense! We are of course reaching out to our supporting churches but given the extent of the need (200 people minimum) I figured I'd also reach out and begin to make new contacts. We'd love to meet some new folks and work with you in getting the Gospel out in our community. Of course, I realize you'll want to know a lot more about us and our ministry. Our personal website is at http://www.RGVBaptist.com. We haven't been on deputation for years so it's somewhat outdated, but at the very least you can find our doctrinal statement there, as well as some basic information regarding our sending church and mission agency. You can also visit our church website at http://www.IglesiaBautistaEsperanza.org. Don't worry - you have the option to view the site in English or Spanish! For more information on the Border Surge itself you can use the following link: http://www.rgvbaptist.com/Prayer_Letters/2017_05_May.pdf That links to a copy of our most recent prayer letter which includes 3 extra pages of information regarding the Border Surge. I apologize for the long post but look forward to getting to know some of you and hopefully having the opportunity to meet you in 2018. Feel free to respond here, email me at Freemans@RGVBaptist.com or call/text me at (956) 849-4393.
  12. Hello Everyone

    I have family in S.W. Ohio. I've actually been to San Angelo for a missions conference, but it's about 12 hours from where I live. Nice area though! The lounge still isn't working for me so I guess I'll try contacting Jim. This is what I see when I enter the lounge.
  13. Hello Everyone

    I was hoping to stay out of a "restricted" area so that "regular folk" could see the information and respond (not just ministry "leaders"). But, if that's the right place then I'm all in. I did try to check out the lounge, but that was restricted and said I had to use an APPLY link, which I couldn't find. Weird. And I 100% agree with the "causing trouble" comments....both of them! That stands for Rio Grande Valley. Our ministry is in the Rio Grande Valley of Southern Texas. :) We are with Harvest Baptist Missions. It's a small local-church mission agency out of Columbia Road Baptist Church in North Olmsted, Ohio.
  14. Hello Everyone

    Greetings folks! I'm a newbie here but I hope I'll find a warm welcome. My name is Aaron Freeman and I'm a veteran independent Baptist church-planting missionary serving the Lord along the Mexico border in southern Texas (on the US side). I found y'all through a Google search and am specifically wanting to make a post regarding a search for volunteers for a short-term missions opportunity. However, I'm not sure where to post such a request. I looked around, but couldn't decide on a good spot. Rather than posting that here, and having to have the post moved (since it's obviously not part of my introduction) I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks!