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  1. He was a good preacher. Had a home for wayward kids, out in Texas I believe..
  2. Why is there a Turkish flag behind Obama as well as the Turk. Shouldn't each just have his own flag?
  3. I just realized, the photo on the left is most likely photoshopped. sorry
  4. Now, your country has been invaded by hordes of Muslims and now even the mayor of London is one of them. Unlike those European immigrants of days gone by, the vast majority of these people will not assimilate. They fully intend to over-run your country and do away with your culture and are becoming much more bold about it too. It is only going to get worse. Our country has already allowed a Muslim to hold the highest office in our land which I still consider unconscionable . But now, in our country, I believe President Trump may be part of the last line of defense because, in spite of his faults, he actually cares about the U.S., unlike Obama who was bent on destroying it. Yes, we have both "duty" and "rights" and these are outlined in our Bible. Our "duty" is to be concerned with the "rights" of others.
  5. I'm not too familiar with President Trump's economic policies but I do sense that the economy has been on the rise since he took office. I will note that our business does increase between the months of February and May, but it's now July and it's still going strong. I have probably done more business in the past five months than I did for each of the last eight years. I think business people in general have more confidence in the economy right now and I hope it stays that way. More business means more jobs, and more jobs means more business. I wish I could say the same for my sheep business but, I haven't sold a sheep in a few months now and I have 5 figures worth that I'm going to have to feed all summer with no guarantee they will sell. I was told by one of the auction buyers that it's the Muslims, who he has dealings with, who are worried about what Trump is going to do. I say it's bad that sheep sales are down but great if these heathens are worried. I hope he ships the whole lot out and bans all of the Muslims. I was fine with them until they began attacking us.
  6. I had heard a family member, maybe my Mom, mention this a time or two but had forgotten it. I was at my sister's house today and she was showing me my Grandpa Webb's old wallet. In the wallet, along with his driver's license and such, is a small piece of paper with Ezekiel 16:6 written in pencil.. My Grandpa believed that, by reading this verse, he could stop a person from bleeding. I know the verse has nothing to do with that but, I just thought it was interesting. But I'm thinking "Pa, if it had that much "mojo" why didn't you at least memorize it?" And when I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I saidunto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live; yea, I said unto thee when thouwast in thy blood, Live.” Ezekiel 16:6 http://www.appalachianhistory.net/2008/03/blood-verse.html
  7. You are correct. The simple "root" meaning of the word "repent" is to turn from or turn against something. It always means the same thing but has different implications in different contexts. God "turned against" or "turned from" the "evil" He intended for the people of Nineveh after they "turned against"/"turned from" their wickedness. Likewise, pertaining to salvation, "repent" means to "turn from"/"turn against" sin. The Bible says, (speaking of the Comforter, or Holy Spirit) "He shall convince the world of sin, righteousness and judgment...". When the Holy Spirit deals with a person's heart, in order to be saved, that person must fully believe that they are a low-down, wicked, sorry sinner, headed for Hell, and deserve to go there, but at the same time fully believing that God is all good, loving and righteous and casting their soul at the mercy of God. That is turning FROM sin and self TO God. It is all done in the heart, and it can happen in the heart/mind of a deaf/mute quadriplegic who can't move a muscle or call out Jesus' name. It is pure faith, not works.
  8. No, it will probably be excavated by archaeologists one day.............. "We are now at the 7th level near the bottom of the site.........Oh look, what's this red thing? Intriguing! This was possibly a primitive religious object, used in rock polishing rituals"
  9. Two years ago, I sold my commercial sandblasting rig. It was a rotary-screw compressor with four-cylinder International engine, a 600# pressure pot, and a remote air supplied respirator rig. I did miss it momentarily back a few weeks ago when I had to hire a local monument company to sandblast some signs for me, because they came close to ruining one $2500 sign. I don't miss it bad enough to buy another rig though.
  10. This is true. It will probably half full of junk before it's finished.
  11. This father's day, my grandson gave me a little home-made card with a picture drawn in crayon. Then he said "Papa, that's you fishin' ....and that's me with you". So I went out and bought a boat. It's a 1978 model 14' fiberglass with a 35 horse Johnson, remote steering, galvanized trailer, and the guy even threw in 3 life jackets, a landing net, a paddle, fire extinguisher, alarm whistle and half a tank of gas. for $600! I knew when I bought it, that it would need a new "bendix" on the electric starter so I ordered one on Ebay and installed that on Saturday: $23. I pulled it into town today so PawPaw and myself could take it for a whirl on the lake after work. Unfortunately one of the trailer's wheel bearings blew out on the way and that was another $16 plus $4 for a can of grease. Next, it will be about $100 or so for the tag, tax, and title transfer and $17 for a fishing license and I haven't even gotten the thing wet yet. I've heard that a boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money. I hope that's not true.
  12. Yeah, people lived a long time back then.
  13. I didn't know Lamech died the same year. Interesting. I wonder if they were killed in the flood, or died just before it came? I always thought that Methuselah died the same year but prior to the occurence, but it doesn't really say.
  14. Thanks! We considered that, but the septic system is on that side of the house. My house was once a double-wide mobile home and the one small window, to the top left of the dining room, was once the bathroom window. When we "remodeled" we removed all of the inside walls, actually all of the mobile home walls but that window is still there in the exterior wall I had added on. Being a former bathroom window, it is too high above the floor to look out of anyway so my wife has requested that I make that into a "shadow box" for her to put little whatevers in. The other openings you see are of a window I removed, and a steel door. I should have removed the windows from the drawing. The rest of the house is already very sound resistant as I have installed insulation in every wall. The only way you can tell if it's raining is to get near the fireplace or be upstairs. You can't hear the sheep bleating or a dog barking unless he's right near the house. So I know I can insulate this room well. What I'm more concerned with is noise coming IN to the "man cave" rather than going out. I plan to use 2x6's for the exterior walls of the new room, insulate them with R-19 fiberglass, polystyrene sheets on the ouside, drywall on the inside, and possibly add another 4 to 6" of insulated wall on the side against the dining/living rooms. I can leave a little space between that second wall layer and the existing wall so that none or very little wood is touching. This drastically reduces sound transfer. The wall already has a double-pane insulated door so that will help too. As far as my noise goes, there will be a TV of course but, all I would ever do in there, 90% of the time, is play acoustic instruments and the only one she has every complained about was the banjo. She loves the guitar.
  15. By dying and entering the spirit world, Christ went to the "prison" and preached Hope to those who had died before the flood. I do not believe he preached this to the wicked dead such as Cain, Nimrod, or Lamech(The murdering one with two wives) because I believe their fate was sealed and they went to Hell. But I believe He preached to those "sons of God" AKA believers, who had "called upon the name of the Lord" back in Genesis 4, contributed progeny to the lineage of Christ in Genesis 5, but had disobeyed in Genesis 6. But the "gist" of this has to be something along the lines that Christ was put to death in the flesh and "quickened by the Spirit" and this made it possible for Him to go and preach to the dead "in prison". Likewise we who are "put to death in the flesh" have also been "quickened by the Spirit, which is the only way possible for us to preach the "hope that is in us" to those dead in trespasses and sins, in this world.