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  1. A hole in the water

    Thanks, so far we;ve been to Gap Lake once http://w.washingtonfl.com/parks/gaplake/gap.htm and Holmes Creek twice http://paddleflorida.net/holmes-creek-paddle.htm and hoping to take it on a camping/fishing trip up the Choctawhatcheee River when the weather cools off this fall. http://myfwc.com/viewing/recreation/wmas/cooperative/choctawhatchee-river Tomorrow, we will probably just do Blue Lake https://www.google.com/maps/place/Blue+Lake/@30.7419678,-85.5528887,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8893013ad46e163f:0xa354bffd354bd873!8m2!3d30.7419156!4d-85.5505947
  2. A hole in the water

    Thanks brother Alan, I have since bought two brand new tire/rims for the trailer and will be using the originals for spares. about $120 The boat registration and whatever ended up being $84. and now I'm looking for a good used foot-controlled trolling motor...a new one costs almost what I paid for the whole rig. Meantime, I got caught up on design work today and planning to take tomorrow off to go fishing with my grandson. Can't wait! :)
  3. And the ark rested......

    My wife, LynnDee, couldn't stay out of the little kid sections like this one in which you open each little door to see the "animal" inside. She's such a little kid. :)
  4. And the ark rested......

    Yes, there was a display/presentation of the "moonpool" idea too. And everything like that was first class. Nothing was crude or rudimentary looking.
  5. Christian Warfare

    Adrian Rodgers was a fine preacher. Good stuff.
  6. And the ark rested......

    "with lower, second, and third stories shalt thou make it." Uh Oh....they did it wrong in this one, it has four. Yes, I wasn't thinking of that. Just making floors and "rooms" is going to add a tremendous amount of structural bracing. And, if all 8 corners of a "box" have really stout "Gopher wood" beams each one of those would be just a structurally sound as a keel. It wouldn't be navigable but, I don't think it needed to be. One thing which was interesting; they had a small fenced off area down at one end of one floor with a couple of small goats and an alpaca. You could smell it quite well from a considerable distance. Imagine what the real ark smelled like filled with about 1000+ critters. I'll bet Brother Noah spent most of his time by that "window" at the top. :)
  7. And the ark rested......

    The most important part of a ship is its keel which is like the "backbone" of the whole thing. From an engineering standpoint, I can't see a straight-sided "box" with a displacement of several thousand tons, withstanding heavy seas without breaking up unless it had several "keels" running the length of it and LOTS of internal bracing. .Maybe brother Noah had an even better design.
  8. Lester Roloff

    Not as I tried to describe it to you. Yes "Godly sorrow" leads to repentance. But to get "saved", there must be something to get "saved" "from" and that thing is sin and self. You can't just "stop sinning" on your own. Believing on Jesus for salvation is to trust Him to save you from your sin. It's not a "work". It's faith. Getting rid of all the specific sins in your life happens over time after salvation; but begins immediately after because you have been made a new creature. Repentance is an ongoing thing thereafter because we still have the sin nature as well as the new nature.
  9. Lester Roloff

    "Repentance" is in the heart, therefore it is faith and not a "work". When you realize that you are a lowdown sorry hateful sinner, on your way to Hell and deserve it, you turn "against" or from that sin and self to Jesus. That's repentance. It's not a "step one, step two" thing. I've heard some put it this way "to take God's side against yourself". However, "repentance" is still an active necessity in the Christian life; not for salvation but to grow and stay in fellowship with God.
  10. And the ark rested......

    I was wowed by the building's design and construction which are ingenious and the artwork and craftsmanship are second to none; especially stuff like the animal "kinds" and the dinosaur models. Everything is first class. I have some opinions on some of the speculative stuff which is displayed, but I will save mentioning those for a later date. I still hold to "........... blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed." There is no comparison to that. The best thing was, that the plan of salvation was presented throughout.
  11. And the ark rested......

    My wife kept asking what the types of wood were. So I found western red cedar, eastern red cedar, spruce, fir, yellow pine, pressure-treated yellow pine, plywood, oak and mahogany but never saw a single stick of "gopher wood". I'll post more photos later.
  12. And the ark rested......

    ........... in the seventh month, on the seventeenth* day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat. KENTUCKY We boarded
  13. Lester Roloff

    He was a good preacher. Had a home for wayward kids, out in Texas I believe..
  14. Making America Great Again

    Why is there a Turkish flag behind Obama as well as the Turk. Shouldn't each just have his own flag?
  15. Making America Great Again

    I just realized, the photo on the left is most likely photoshopped. sorry