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  1. if it would be possible please pray for my family as well. My mother(Jane), my dad(Brian), my sister(Lisa) and my brother(Daniel) Pray that I would be a faithful laborer to continue to witness to them. That I would be an example in how that I live. That if God willing or it be necessary to raise up laborers to witness to them as well. That they would be humbled(for God rejects the proud, but gives grace to the humble) That the Holy Spirit would convict them of sin, righteousness and judgement. That the Father would draw them to Himself. That their eyes would be opened(for the god of this world has blinded them) That the reality of death and their accountability to God would be awaken within them. Of course whatever you be led to pray by thy Lord. Thank you for your prayers, but most of all I thank my Lord. Glory to God. It is the power of God unto salvation!