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  1. I have no idea what Poe's law is, and it was indeed intended to be funny, So forgive me I take all the silly faces and put a sad face up in their place.
  2. If I like Matthew and Luke does that make me a heretic after the first or second admonition?
  3. lol, true nuff.
  4. Alan, My sense of the current situation concerning Mr. Trump is that the American media will never let the American people know anything about the current administration unless it can be delivered with a negative slant. I am not implying he has done everything right (no one does) but I believe that he has done some really good things we may never see in the newspapers or main line media. That said Mr. Obama surely went against the wishes of the American public with what is referred to as Obama Care, had there been a vote of Americans the insurance plan would never have gotten to first base. And now to see him go after environment fanatics is good in my eyes because like yourself I know that for the next 1007 years the world will be just fine environmentally.
  5. I certainly agree with the moral character and commanding presence of the man, George Washington. But I would probably disagree with you on his abilities as a strategist, in his book "1776" David McCullough states that Washington had a poor grasp of battle ground strategy and was defeated in a large portion of his encounters with the British. Since I have read very little on the man in question, I cannot speak to any other shortcoming other than to say I am thankful he was there to lead our nation in its infancy I cannot imagine the hardship he encountered nor the tenacious qualities of self sacrifice he commanded by those who followed him including the Frenchman the Marquis de Lafayette who invested his life and wealth to the command of Washington. Indeed to have a man such as Washington at the helm of America today would be refreshing to the people of America. Thanks for your post Happy.
  6. Invicta, Field Marshall Allenby is well known in Britain but would you mind expressing your reasons for naming a great leader as opposed to just a leader? Thank you
  7. Bob, I have experimented with various techniques and have found that none of them keep alert to the nuggets of scripture on a day to day basis. Don’t misunderstand me, I strive to read my bible every day and have read it through as many as four times in a year (last year) as well as reading five psalms and one proverb daily but what I have found is that if your heart is not in your reading you can read the bible through in three or four days and it won’t help you gather the spiritual nuggets you crave. In all the ways I have found nothing better, in my opinion, than just taking a passage and exegeting it for fun and learning. This makes the word of God come to life, when we are not under time constraints and you do it for the fun of being in the Word the experience is wonderful. It’s like going for a walk with someone you love to be around you just share the mood and ambience of the experience. No pressure to have a lesson done or a message. It is just you and the Holy Spirit. I believe if we could get back to just loving the Word of God instead of force feeding ourselves the word of God we would enjoy getting into the word of God and finding all nuggets we can.
  8. Hello to all, Alan and I had a short discussion on British Major General Orde Wingate and his accomplishments during WWII. In that same frame of thought I decided to ask who you might consider the as being a great leader or general in the last 1000 years and why you believe them to be great. Wingate died at age 41 yet left an indelible mark on every country and continent he touched, including Israel, Ethiopia, Italy, Great Britain, America and Burma. I hope many will participate in this discussion, it should be fun
  9. well done and beautiful craftmanship.
  10. I certainly agree with getting a supreme court justice who is conservative, in place.
  11. I was not aware of his giving of his personal bible, His Chindits, and his seed thoughts concerning American CIA and British M-6 (if what I read is true) were amazing. I wrote a short article on him in 2007 and here is a short excerpt. “Moshe Diane once said of Wingate “the first time he walked though our camp he had a pistol in one hand and a bible in the other and he knew how to use them both”. Wingate was sent from Palestine to Abyssinia Ethiopia 1939 where he trained what he called his Gideon force about 2,000 soldiers. He then led Gideon force against an Italian force of nearly 20,000 and captured between 12,000 and 14,000 their men and won the victory. From Ethiopia he was sent to Burma India in 1942 to fight the Japanese. He took the name ‘chinthe’ which was a mystical Burmese lion and called his force “Chindits” and he led them behind enemy lines where they did great damage to the Japanese war machine in the memoirs of WWII history the Japanese give great honor to Wingate.” I am not into many leaders, but Wingate because of his impact on Israel even through today, is one of the exceptions. His tendencies to eat raw onions like apples and other quirks rankled the British aristocracy and stiffness of the military high ranking. But, Churchill was a big fan of Wingate. Alan, I delighted you are so familiar with this historic figure.
  12. Happy Birthday.  79 and still writing and having an impact and influence, that is awesome.

  13. 1 Timothy, we need to be very careful that "national pride" does not become nationalist fascism, or America could find herself, in conjunction with the political extreme left, in the same situation as Germany 70 years ago.
  14. Alan, I also ordered Powell's book "It worked for me" but it will be on the back burner for a while, before I get to it. He is a fascinating man whom I believe I will really enjoy reading about. For years I was fascinated by Major General Orde Charles Wingate who died in a plane crash in 1944. His history and what he accomplished in a mere 41 years is pretty amazing. unorthodox in his approach to war but as it turns out he was on the leading edge of current military tactics.
  15. Thanks for your response Jim. I have found that my depression creates an environment of sorrow, bewilderment and lostness (not spiritual) while isolation is primarily peaceful.