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  1. New Here

    Hi, Matt, from a lifelong Christian - glad you found your way (here and in other ways) and looking forward to reading your posts. Btw, I'm Jim.
  2. And so this happened...

    Good to hear, thanks for the updates and will continue praying for Randy and for you.
  3. Whats for Supper...

    Well, ham tomorrow, of course but tonight it'll be a porterhouse, baked potato plus dinner rolls. Like the mac-n-cheese from scratch better, my kids used to like that weird orange type you get from the box.
  4. Sweet Melissa

    Well, how is she? Any updates? Will keep praying just in case , , ,
  5. Sweet Melissa

    Hiya, Saved, seen you at the other site just today - I will pray for her to fully recover - those post-op infections are common but can be problematic.