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  1. Well, how is she? Any updates? Will keep praying just in case , , ,
  2. Hiya, Saved, seen you at the other site just today - I will pray for her to fully recover - those post-op infections are common but can be problematic.
  3. You got that right - if you have, say a 500/mo policy with a $5500 deductible, you will play $11500/yr for healthcare. I don't know about you, but so far I NEVER have that expense nearly as high. I haven't messed with Obamacare yet because I don't want to go to their site. Only Medicaid people are signed up for it where I live, they get the subsidy they think I'm going to pay for. Wrong.
  4. Obama is a national embarrassment, but I can think of one (and only one) good thing he did in 2013 - he took those nasty wolves off their protective status so now they can be hunted down in the interior US Western states.
  5. Ugggh, a Pew poll - that outfit is notoriously unreliable, and look how they phrased the question: "“humans and other living things have evolved over time" v. "“humans and other living things have existed in their present form since the beginning of time.” Even allowing Spanish-only answers, they can only crack sixty percent, and they say it hasn't changed since 2009 for them. Other polls show support for the ToE at much lower numbers.
  6. Yes, despite what the left tries to claim, they can and do try to legislate their little version of morality every chance they get. I can't believe some of their tactics are still working, like this one. Tebow, FTR, NEVER posed as Jesus, the hacks took an old pic of him and altered it to look like that's what he was trying to do. Sheesh.
  7. Blago was a small player? Not in Illinois. They were saying at the DUmp that a fellow Mormom told Reid this, but it was probably Obama if anyone. How would this "informant" know, anyways, the tax status of Mitt Romney? I bet Reid made it up with help.
  8. Yuk. I saw one of these ads here when I trying to watch the Olympics. This woman is a VERY liberal Republican, and I don't think her views are of the mainstream of the GOP but whatatool for the rainbow agenda. I'm really tired of the whole gay right = civil rights false argument.
  9. Yes, i do, since debts and their repayment are what a credit score is really all about.
  10. I'd never heard of this book either, but I had to open up this thread in order to find out what hotel did this boneheaded move . . . in Portland, figures . . . I live just north of there, and the atheists have taken over that city. I'm making a reminder to avoid both the trashy hotel and this trashy book.
  11. Somebody posted their "secrets" online years ago, and the deeper you delve into scientology, the weirder it gets. I think their glory days are over, and they never should've been classified as a religion in the first place. That being said . . . RUN KATIE!!!
  12. YUK YUK YUK and YUK. Why pander to less than two percent of the population? Don't gay people buy the same stuff other people do? I can see why JC Penny's stock has bottomed out - who wants to be have "diversity" preached to them when they go shopping at a store.
  13. What I want to know is how come all this irrelevant stuff is coming out now? They don't even need to bother with a trial if they keep this up. From what I've read, he was two years older than the "victim", and she was a relative it supposedly happened repeatedly over for a decade. Now when are going to talk about Treyvon's past?
  14. Oh, I dout he will be the nominee, for reasons others here have already stated - his marriage/infidelity record is a big turn-off, as is his behaviour on that reality tv show he used to be on. But he can seem to suceed at anything he puts his mind to, and unlike Obama, he's a self-starter> I'd vote for him or anyone else in a heartbeat over that loser we've got as president now.
  15. difficult question to answer - all four are good and have all the strong points . . . guess I'll go with the one I read the most often, and that'd have to be Mark. Clear and concise.