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  1. And tonight it's pork roast - from the pig we just had butchered. So far we've had side pork (unseasoned bacon) and sausage. Good stuff!
  2. Ah, Jim - it's so tasty! =D As to the west coast/Mexican food, actually when I was growing up, Mexican food was predominantly Taco Bell (in WA...probably the real stuff in CA, TX, etc). I don't care for the southwestern flavor profile (like chipotle peppers), and I'm not sure I'd care for actual Spanish food. But the Mexican...nummy! =D We had beef stroghanoff and noodles last night. Tonight will be leftovers - even tastier since the flavors melded together over the last 24 hours.
  3. Get your umbrellas ready, NoNi. (I don't know if you ever read John R. Rice's Prayer: Asking and Receiving, but he tells a story in there about a church who was praying for rain...but came to church without umbrellas. His point being that if they truly believed God would send rain, they'd prepare for it. =D ) I told my hubs about the need. We took it to the Lord and will continue asking God to show Himself mighty on your area's behalf.
  4. HappyChristian,

    Due to the problem with the emoticons, avatars, and material inserted in to the thread, the charts on the Clarence Larkin thread are not loading up. I found out that if I delete the affected material that I can re-upload the material and all is fine afterwards.

    The Clarence Larkin thread is currently locked. Can you please unlock it, for a short period of time, in order for me to re-upload the charts?

    I appreciate your help on this matter.



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    2. Alan



      I want to thank you for allowing me to re-upload the charts on the Larkin thread. I do appreciate it very much.

      I was able to re-upload all of the charts except for one chart, "Old & New Testament Designations of the Antichrist," on my October 17, 2015 posting. Right now, until Sunday afternoon Taiwan timeĀ (Saturday evening US time), I am not at our house but at our church location and am unable to locate the chart on this computer. The chart is not a critical chart and not much comment was made on it. If I am able to upload it later that is fine and if you deem it necessary to re-lock the Larkin thread that is fine also.

      I did post a thank you a the end of the thread.

      Thank you again.


    3. HappyChristian


      Alan, I think we'll leave it unlocked for now. As long as troubles don't start up again. ;)

    4. Alan


      Ok. I will try and keep the discussion on the review of the book itself.

  5. We had taco salad for supper tonight. It was very tasty.
  6. Roast beef hash. Tasty! (And tomorrow, we pick up our pig...CANNOT WAIT! =D )
  7. Many thanks to those who prayed. We came through the storm warning quite well. In fact, there was very little abnormal wind here (it's always windy this time of year - can't be much else this close to the ocean). It has been raining for a few days, and is supposed to continue raining for another few days. But that is basically normal this time of year (we live on what is basically a prairie so other than this time of year we don't get a whole lot of rain). Things elsewhere also were not as bad as predicated. Oregon did get two tornadoes and a good bit of damage was done. But the damage that could have been done did not happen. Praise the Lord for His watchcare!
  8. Literally LOL'd on this! =D
  9. LOL is often used to show that I'm joking, as NN said. Usually when I do actually laugh out loud, I say that I'm literally LOLing. When I say I'm ROFL, obviously at 56 years old I'm not literally rolling on the floor. I am, however, laughing more than just out loud. I also use "heh" when I'm joking or when I'm just chuckling a bit.
  10. Thanks, Well. We appreciate it. And I know all Washingtonians do (even if they wouldn't admit it). Yes, we will trust the Lord. Thankfully we can do so implicitly! Rosie - thanks for the prayers.
  11. The northwest coast is being hit by storms from Typhoon Songda. We've had rain and some wind the last couple of days, while other places in WA have had power outages, etc. The bad stuff is supposed to hit tomorrow (Saturday) about noon and continue til early Sunday morning. High winds, with possible hurricane strength winds. There are currently over 50,000 without power. We will likely lose ours tomorrow (we lose it several times from Oct-Feb due to the normal winds during that time of year). Tornadoes hit northern Oregon. There's a possibility of some really, really major damage. Edited to add: we just got word that the Hood Canal Bridge is closed until winds are gone. We have to cross that bridge to go to church...
  12. The emoticons aren't working for me, so consider me ROFL. =D
  13. I considered the originator of the thread...=D
  14. Very nice! We have this book as well as the others Brother Markle has written. The marriage book is on our bookshelf, but the others are still packed...I can't remember which box I put them in. I highly recommend them (when I can find them, I plan to do a review in the book section). The two main reasons I enjoy his books: they are steeped in scripture, and they are written in a scholarly way that is not hard to read (you know, like books written by "academics"). I appreciate the author's desire to glorify the Lord, which comes through very clearly in the books.
  15. I'm voting for neither. We will be writing in Evan McMullin. And I'm really glad those Liberty students took the stand they did. It is incomprehensible to me that a so-called Christian leader would declare on national tv that he would still vote for DT even had he committed (which he has - he's just never been charged) sexual assault.