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  1. You guys are hilarious! I used to post anonymously because I stayed logged in and I didn't want to appear to be on when I wasn't. Also, it makes it easier as a mod to sneak around the forum. I still stay logged in, but haven't bothered to hide myself.
  2. Bwahahahaha! (although I must admit we bought a copy the first time he was at the conference...)
  3. Even though I have never spent 5 days with him, I concur with Jordan's points (other than #s 1,3,4, and 8, since I've never heard of his antipathy toward rainbows, have never been around him when he's asleep, never seen him play sports, and, sadly, never met his wife [something I would dearly love to do] ). The reason he's a better magnet salesman is that he gives so many of his books away. =D
  4. 1. There is no problem with requesting someone to be a bit more selective in quoting. It does make it easier for one to read. 2. It didn't hurt to point out that there is no forum rule regarding basic quoting procedure, and though offense might have been taken at the "arrogance" accusation, mayhap the accused needs to reconsider the attitude in which he is posting. High-hattedness does not fly here very well, although we have all at one time or another posted arrogantly. Sadly. 3. If one doesn't want to respond to someone based on the fact that they don't use the kind of quoting procedure that one demands, that's fine, too. But there's more to common courtesy than the quote button... But this is silliness. Knock it off. Report problems to the moderators, please. But don't spam us on a personal vendetta. Just a forewarning. Now, let's get back to topic. And, please - stop posting long, long posts. It is as difficult to read long, nattering posts to some as it is to read "improperly" quoted parts. I'd sure hate to lock another thread...
  5. Welcome aboard. We do love to discuss things here, and especially God's Word.
  6. What he was "suffering from" is sin. Period. There are many people who teach/preach salvation and yet have bad doctrine in other areas. Sin. Not a mental disorder.
  7. Knowing each others' testimony is a very good thing. Yes, I know my hubs' (and he knows mine). I have told others his testimony. I enjoy hearing him tell it as well.
  8. CATastrophe avoided, very good! =D
  9. Billy Graham, over the years, went his own way rather than sticking completely with scripture. He was warned by a number of men who saw the trail he was beginning to take. He chose to ignore the warnings of men like Dr. John R. Rice, Dr. Bob Jones I, Dr. Charles Woodbridge, etc (and I'm not lifting any of those men up - just naming a few names of well-known men who rebuked Graham early on). As early as 1957 Graham had modernists (120 of them) on his crusade committee. While there have been people saved via Graham's ministry, that does not excuse his disobedience - any more than some fruit in ministry excuses ANY sin on the part of ANYone. We can choose to believe or not believe whatever we want (although it is illogical to disbelieve that what someone claims to believe - and teaches it over the years - is what they actually believe). But the Bible tells us "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." Graham's mouth spoke what was in his heart, and a good bit of it was heresy.
  10. That is then even more egregious. Because if he is preaching salvation and then lying about other things he supposedly believes, then logically folks who are lost will reject salvation because Graham is a liar about everything else he believes. Your logic falls apart simply on the basis that we have no choice but to believe what a person says when they assert their belief in something. You do not know his mind, so you cannot definitively state that he doesn't believe what he says he believes. It is circular reasoning at best which has no logically sound outcome.
  11. Nice deflection. Just what made you believe that I thought it would not be alright to listen? If you pay attention to posters' names, you will see that I am not the one who posted the original question. I am, however, a moderator. And it was in that mode which I told you not to be labeling questions as stupid. I'm glad you are a born again believer...remember that Christ enjoins us to speak with grace.
  12. So Graham doesn't believe the stuff he says he believes? That would then make him a liar... Again, tone down the rhetoric. Asking why someone believes what they have read (that are word-for-word what the person stated) is fine. Asserting that only crazy people believe that what someone says they believe is actually what they believe isn't going to fly here. Second thread in which you've had to be told tone it down.
  13. Tone it down. It was not a stupid question and you would be wise to refrain from that kind of rhetoric.
  14. I've only ever used the hot-water pack style to can. That is simply the large canner that can hold 9 quarts. Food is packed into the jars (sometimes hot, sometimes cold, depending on what is being canned), seals put on, and then they are boiled in the water for hours. Not fun when in a humid area without air conditioning. =D We are interested in looking at pressure cookers, but I don't know if there are any that will can quarts.
  15. Oh, NoNi, we'll be praying.