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  1. Hi

    Welcome aboard.
  2. How about one for "the college I attended is now defunct?" :/
  3. Glad you can be back with us, weary. And glad to see you, too, elegant.
  4. Yay! Glad you'll be able to be with us a bit more. And the church news is exciting every time I hear about it!
  5. That's how mine got installed, too. Pretty neat, eh?
  6. Things seem to be running a bit quicker. I'm stoked because I was able to load our printer. There is no physical drive on the notebook, so I wasn't sure how to go about it. I hit the share on my other laptop, and then just told my notebook to add a printer - it came up with this one, and wham! It's on there. I've loaded all of our docs and pics on the new one. Now we'll see how things go... Thanks, all. This has been a ride.
  7. Sliders are small sandwiches, typically hamburgers - White Castle popularized the term in relation to burgers. As to the oyster sliders, elsewhere they are called "shooters." And, yuck to oysters, raw or otherwise. =D The rolls we used aren't sliders, but because of their size our burgers became sliders.
  8. We have rolls left over from Christmas Day, so tonight my mom made sliders with them. Tasty!
  9. I haven't been on much lately, so I missed this post. NoNi, I think your gift was spectacular! I'm sure when your dad got it and read the card, tears were shed.
  10. Hi, there. Welcome aboard. Your journey sounds very interesting!
  11. Well, I've still been messing around with it. I found WSP again! Weirdly, under the apps, initialization and updates were available, but I wasn't sure if initialization was what I wanted. So when I went back to WSP, lo and behold, the writing, presentation, and spreadsheet were all available. So I pinned them to Start so I wouldn't lose them again. I tried to log in to OB, but can't remember my password. LOL So now I wait until I either figure it out or the request for a new one gets to my email (which it was supposed to already have done). Computers. Making life easier. Haha!
  12. This hard drive has at least a trilobite (can't remember whether my brother said one or more), so I don't think that's the problem, Dave. Maybe it is updates...I can hope. .) NoNi, the computer I'm on right now is the one we have Vista on. I've been happy with it, but the computer is getting old and worn.
  13. I'm sure it has a warranty. But my brother bought it across the water (Puget Sound) at Best Buy. The nearest Best Buy to us isn't very near. Sigh....=D First world country problems, eh?
  14. NoNi - all updates are not installed. Several of them are marked as pending. I don't know why they wouldn't be already installed by now, though, because the computer's been set up since the 26th. WPS is on the APP list. I opened it once and it offered it to me for $. Now when I open it, it offers to update and then says update isn't necessary. Dave, it came with Windows Defender as anti-virus. I just got notified that it needs to be updated. Sigh...I'm beginning to think all this thing is going to do is update. LOL
  15. I used Open Office on our desktop years ago. I know it's available - is it still compatible with Word? When I was using it, I could open Word docs with Open Office. As to WPS, I have access to it on the notebook, but it wants to charge me. I can't get my browser to run very quickly on the notebook. This is a gaming computer and so should be super fast. Any suggestions?