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  1. For Home Ec, the girls fixed tacos for supper. They did a good job.
  2. Glad you're back!
  3. I have let her cousin (I don't know her, just her cousin) that we are praying. He is very appreciative, as I know the rest of her family is.
  4. Typical mistaken assumption. I'm against both of them and will never vote for either.
  5. That's what he says now...personally, I don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth.
  6. Trump is pro-gay, so it won't matter where they go, they won't get away from what's happening elsewhere and coming here.
  7. Here's an update from Chantell's son (this was yesterday): We need lots of prayer. Since they have taken Mom off the breathing machine they have had to up and up her oxygen. She can't cough. They're not sure but they think she may have paralysis in her diaphragm. She may or may not have to be put back on the breathing machine. We had such a good day today, this just breaks my Heart she was filled with so much joy when they took that breathing machine out today. Praying for Mom.
  8. Bwhahahaha!
  9. Jiffy peanut butter, probably (another "memory" issue...)
  10. Now you've got it! =D
  11. Interesting - and sad - article https://stream.org/euthanasia-minors-chemically-castrated-8-year-olds-child-sacrifice-begun-west/
  12. Pot roast, potatoes, green beans, cucumber salad. And black licorice for dessert. Numm-y!
  13. A friend of mine (who used to post here) said this morning that his cousin Chantell was in an accident today. Her spine was severed and she'll be in a wheelchair the rest of her life. He has asked for prayer for recovery and for the comfort only the Holy Spirit can give. Please pray for her. Thanks.
  14. "Mandela Effect" was coined by a paranormal "consultant" named Fiona Broome. She remembers Nelson Mandela as having died in the '80s...hence the coinage. It seems to center around whether or not Stan and Jan Berenstain actually knew their own last name. It's funny. I read many of those books to our son when he was younger, and we have some (not many, because I didn't like how the father was always the dumb one...). I never REMEMBERED it being spelled -ein - I ASSUMED that was the spelling until I went to work at the library and had to page (shelve) them. No alternate universe explanation for me. =D Nor Mandela Effect. Simply not paying attention to the author's name/series title, assuming the -ein spelling, explains it. For me as well as most likely anyone else that "misremembers" the spelling. And then there are the Christians who claim it's all an anti-christ conspiracy (false memories planted to make folks THINK Mandela died and it actually USED to be Berenstein, etc., etc....sigh... I agree with NN - applying this idea to scripture is simply because people don't want to take the time to learn what God's Word actually says. http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/no-cern-mandela-effect-not-changed-king-james-bible/
  15. Welcome aboard. And thanks for sharing your testimony with us.