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  1. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Greetings in the Lord!   

    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome aboard.
  3. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Hello   

    Here's an answer for you: if you're back with BroMatt's approval, then howdy and welcome. But as OFP cautioned, circumspection might be in order....If you really don't know the reason for your previous banning, mayhap you should pm the mod who banned you or pm BroMatt and ask.
    It might behoove you not to bait the mods...
    Anyway, welcome back. 
  4. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Silly Women   

    I think the "house creepers" are people who present an alternative to a woman's otherwise seemingly boring life. 
    Feminism is a biggie. It started way back with the message that women don't need men. Well, in many ways they don't - but in many ways they do, also. And this began appealing to girls who were being taught in school, on tv, in song ("I am Woman, Hear Me Roar"), by example, and, yes, even in some pulpits that women could do anything men could do. And so they began doing it.  Caution here: I do believe that some men over react when a woman has an opinion and dares to voice it...just because a woman does not always agree with her husband does not mean she is being unsubmissive...methinks sometimes men can be too trogloditish and it makes women frustrated and easy prey to the "kinder, gentler" house creeper.
    TV has done a lot to indoctrinate both men and women with the faulty ideas that exist. The mocking of men while lifting up women as all-wise has contributed to the house creeper's victory. After all, if a woman is stuck with a less intelligent man but "intelligence" comes down the pike, why not go for it? (Rhetorical question there...please don't think I'm advocating leaving a husband)
    The Internet has also contributed. I love this forum, and I love interacting with folks. But consider this. All of the forums, blogs, social media, etc. CAN BE a form of "...wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not," which 1 Tim talks about...this attitude leads to vulnerability on the part of a woman and leaves her open to house creepers on the Internet. We all have to be so careful.
    Music has contributed greatly to this as well. First it was secular music that taught us that women did not need to answer to their husbands or fathers. Then it was the soft, pretty "Christian" music that taught us to trust in our emotions. Making women even more vulnerable.
    House creepers don't need to come to the door...way too often they are already inside.
  5. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Whats for Supper...   

    Last night we had pizza with some friends. Tonight we'll be having homemade burgers, just my hubby and me.
  6. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Is it just me?   

    No, it isn't just you...
  7. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: 50 years in Rome by Charles Chiniquy   

    That was one of the required books for my hubs when he was in college. I've read it twice.  Very interesting read.
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    Let's all admit this: God is the Creator of all, correct?  He created language. AND He created ORDER.  Language is orderly. Linguists know this: every language has a certain pattern. Not all languages use the same pattern, BUT they do all use the same parts of speech. And ALL of the statements in that particular language follow that same pattern - whether it is an understood part of speech or specific (as the understood subject in English, such as: Go to the store. The understood subject is "you.")
    God is also NOT the author of confusion. Were languages not to follow the proper order in which they are constructed, no one would understand what was being said. Because they do follow the order which God set, language is understandable to the language user.
    God knew all this, and there is no mistake in the grammar of scripture. The Holy Spirit certainly can and does make things clear to people. And oftentimes He uses people to do so.
    I honestly think the argument against grammar is ridiculous. Because without grammar we have no language, just a bunch of gobbledy-gook words.
  12. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar.   

    Grammar and punctuation are vital to clear understanding of what one is saying.
    "Eats, shoots and leaves."
    "Eats shoots and leaves."
  13. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Whats for Supper...   

    Pizza tonight. Yesterday we had Mexican. Went to lunch with a missionary family getting ready to return to the field.
  14. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: In a Dilemma   

    I think you know he's not right for you or you wouldn't be asking. 
    He grossly misunderstands scripture if he truly believes his wife is to be the breadwinner as he ministers. 
    Without knowing the whole story I would say: Run. Don't walk away from this "relationship". Run. And then wait on God to bring you to the right man.
    There are worse things than being single...and one of those is an unhappy marriage. A husband is to cherish his wife and love him as he does his own flesh. Not require her to support him. 
  15. HappyChristian added a post in a topic: Whats for Supper...   

    Chicken and pasta