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  1. The newest information on Atilla and his family: A few added prayer requests:A couple of months ago, Kim was tested, as she was feeling ill. At first, they thought she had lupus (as she had liver issues). The specialist ruled out lupus, but her liver results still show an issue. We are seeing another specialist to get an accurate prognosis. (Attila's entry for Kim)Attila was unapproved by one doctor to return to work, due to a syncopol episode (passing out) that he had a few weeks ago. They are still finding some abnormalities in his heart rate. They are just not as constant as before.We have been blessed with now having a home for the next 6 months, joining a wonderful church, and starting to put our life back in order. We are waiting for responses to short term disability (that was through Attila's work), and for unemployment.Only through God's grace have we survived 11 months without Attila being able to work. Thanks to many loving people, churches, my parents, and some complete strangers, we have had food, shelter and clothing for those 11 months. We expect to be without work for another 2-3 months, as Attila goes through more heart tests and have his body repaired from two passing out episodes (in one, he tore two discs in his back and tore a muscle/ligament in his shoulder blade and in the other he hurt his back and tore something in his wrist). With Medicaid, they do not allow doctors to take a direct route to fixing these issues. They require the doctors to follow a specific path first. Therefore, there is a longer delay between now and getting the accurate procedure. When we spoke with Attila's back doctor, he said that the 8 back injection procedure will more than likely do nothing for Attila, but they will not approve what he actually needs. Seems strange to me that Medicaid will pay more for 2-3 processes, before the doctor can do the 3rd or 4th process which is what the doctor would have done first to fix the problem. We start school this Monday with an online course for the kids. We have done ABeka for every year before this, and we look forward to seeing how this will work for them. We are excited to see how God will get us through the next two months, and what job He will provide. The fun part for us, as a family, has been having Attila home and spending so much time together. That has been a blessing. We sat and talked about all the memories the other night at family devotions, and we leave this past 10 months with so many good memories.
  2. We're going to have pork chops tonight.
  3. For Home Ec, the girls fixed tacos for supper. They did a good job.
  4. Glad you're back!
  5. I have let her cousin (I don't know her, just her cousin) that we are praying. He is very appreciative, as I know the rest of her family is.
  6. Typical mistaken assumption. I'm against both of them and will never vote for either.
  7. That's what he says now...personally, I don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth.
  8. Trump is pro-gay, so it won't matter where they go, they won't get away from what's happening elsewhere and coming here.
  9. Here's an update from Chantell's son (this was yesterday): We need lots of prayer. Since they have taken Mom off the breathing machine they have had to up and up her oxygen. She can't cough. They're not sure but they think she may have paralysis in her diaphragm. She may or may not have to be put back on the breathing machine. We had such a good day today, this just breaks my Heart she was filled with so much joy when they took that breathing machine out today. Praying for Mom.
  10. Bwhahahaha!
  11. Jiffy peanut butter, probably (another "memory" issue...)
  12. Now you've got it! =D
  13. Interesting - and sad - article https://stream.org/euthanasia-minors-chemically-castrated-8-year-olds-child-sacrifice-begun-west/
  14. Pot roast, potatoes, green beans, cucumber salad. And black licorice for dessert. Numm-y!
  15. A friend of mine (who used to post here) said this morning that his cousin Chantell was in an accident today. Her spine was severed and she'll be in a wheelchair the rest of her life. He has asked for prayer for recovery and for the comfort only the Holy Spirit can give. Please pray for her. Thanks.